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ISE® West 2019

Aruba Perspectives with Gartner Report "Seven Imperatives to Adopt a CARTA Approach"  > Download Whitepaper
Innovation is a core guiding principle in successful organizations. At Aruba, we are continually looking for better ways to deliver best-in-class networking and enterprise security. Whether it's improving on existing solutions like Network Access Control or bringing new technology like AI-based attack detection to address critical security challenges, we are committed to innovation in ways that matter.

APPLICATION SECURITY TESTING COVERAGE - Four Reasons the Time for Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Has Passed  > Download Whitepaper
Coverage is the most critical aspect of your application security strategy, but the word “coverage” itself needs to be unpacked. There are four dimensions of application security testing coverage that have to be considered, each of which is explained in greater detail in Figure 2.
1. Portfolio Coverage: Does your testing approach scale out effectively across your application portfolio?
2. Security Analysis Coverage: Is your testing robust enough to assess your applications for all the types of vulnerabilities you care about?
3. Code Coverage: Do you effectively test all of the executed code that is part of your applications?
4. Continuous Coverage: Does your security testing run continuously with development?

In this brief, we leverage this four-dimensional framework to provide a practical comparison between Contrast Assess and Static Application Security Testing tools and examine their respective abilities to deliver coverage.

What Drives the Need for SOC Maturity?  > Download Whitepaper
Digital Hands is an award-winning managed security services provider with a difference. We are AGILE, INNOVATIVE and PROACTIVE. Our adaptive security architecture is designed to prevent, detect and respond to cyber security threats with unparalleled velocity.

We are agile because in this business, we must be. We have nearly two decades of experience which allows us to predict where we need to go. We are continuously looking ahead and preparing for the next thing. The threat landscape demands that you move quickly and since our inception, we have risen to that challenge.

Smart Cloud Security  > Download Whitepaper
The cloud is transforming your organization. It’s changing how we work as everything is becoming more intuitive, connected, open, collaborative, and that change is rippling across SaaS, IaaS, and the web. This is great for productivity, but it’s resulting in new challenges and risks that legacy security vendors can’t address. At Netskope we believe security should be smart enough to solve these new challenges and risks. And that’s how we’ve built the Netskope Security Cloud from day one.