ISE® Private Dinners

Establish Direct Connections With Your Top Targets

Tailored to your company‘s expertise, leverage the gateway to exclusive networking opportunities and accelerate your deal cycle by sponsoring an ISE® Private Dinner.

In today's ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity solutions, we understand the importance of efficiency and agility in closing deals. Across the industry, we're hearing concerns about deal slippage and extended sales timelines, leading to heightened pressure on sales teams to deliver tangible results.

Cyber Security is one of the most fast-paced, rapidly growing industries in the world, which underscores the necessity of meeting with the right people in an environment that cultivates meaningful connections. Face-to-face interactions remain as vital as ever—perhaps even more so now amidst a new era of workplace and networking culture.

T.E.N.’s ISE® Private Dinners provide your team with the ideal setting to greet your current partners and potential targets with a smile and connect in person over vital conversations, leaving a memorable impact on customers who are anxious to enjoy personal, face-to-face interaction. Tailored to your expertise, solutions, and business objectives, T.E.N.’s ISE® Private Dinners offer a relaxed and intimate atmosphere where your sales team engages in relationship-building opportunities and meaningful conversations about the security issues that matter most among some of North America’s elite Information Security Executives® and key decision-makers.

Moreover, your guests will have the opportunity to earn CPEs when they attend your ISE® Private Dinner, further positioning your company as an industry partner who cares about its customers. T.E.N. will work with you every step of the way—before, during, and after the event—to achieve the ultimate ideal ISE® Private Dinner experience, ensuring that you are fully equipped to create and maintain vital, long-term connections with Information Security Executives® across the nation

T.E.N. Program Management Services for ISE® Private Dinners

When Sponsoring an ISE® Private Dinner, The T.E.N Team will:

  • Create a discussion theme and abstract that aligns with your solutions.
  • Recommend and recruit an Executive Host from our ISE® Community to lead the discussions.
  • Understand your target customers to build a custom prospect profile algorithm, which includes key demographic information on company size, geographic location, industry, title (level), and a “Top 50” list of named accounts in that location.
  • Deliver personalized e-mail invitations on your behalf to a tailored guest list of executive decision makers from your targeted companies.
  • Follow up with guests to track RSVPs, reconfirmations and provide bi-weekly registration reports to ensure maximum attendance.
  • Create a dedicated 24/7 online registration center with calendaring functionality.
  • Create a dedicated 24/7 online registration center for the event with calendaring functionality.
  • Promote your ISE® Private Welcome Dinner through T.E.N.’s social media channels, which reaches over 20,000 security professionals.
  • Facilitate 30-minute status calls to ensure your alignment with your marketing objectives.
  • Coordinate all logistics for the event, including: program management, audience development, booking of event location and on-site event delivery.
  • Co-design a seating chart that optimizes strategic seating opportunities.
  • Create program brochures that include your company information, a call to action for additional information sharing.
  • Provide name badges and table seating cards.
  • Create and facilitate a post-event survey and provide a summary of the survey results.
  • Deliver personalized post-event communications notes to all executive attendees.
  • Provide a post-event contact list in a Microsoft Excel file for easy import into your CRM system.


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