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Coverage Initiation: Orca Security looks to offer cloud security with a light, agentless touch  > Download Whitepaper
Cloud security is a key concern for many organizations, and security teams want a comprehensive view of their environments with minimal friction. Orca Security is bringing to market an approach based on out-of-band scanning that aims to address this imbalance.

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One Platform. One Agent. One View.  > Download Whitepaper
Qualys helps organizations streamline and consolidate their IT, security and compliance. The Qualys Cloud Platform and its singular Cloud Agent provides organizations a single view, for real-time security across their entire global hybrid-IT environment, from prevention to detection to response!

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2020 DevSecOps Community Survey - Financial Industry Edition  > Download Whitepaper
As the longest and largest running survey of DevSecOps practices in the industry, our 2020 survey had 5,045 respondents from over 70 different countries. This report represents industry - specific data for the Financial Industry.