ISE® West Project Award Nominees 2023

Intelligent Trust
Executive Sponsor: Stephanie Franklin-Thomas, SVP & CISO
Project Team: Ivelisse Torres - Sr. Director, Cyber Security, Thomas Mwanga - Sr. Security Engineer, Jennifer Hylton - Security Engineer, Derrick Brown -Analyst, Phoenix Younie - Threat and Automation Engineer, Samantha Olguin - Operations and Threat Analyst

Implement an intelligent trust model where governance, risk, operations work together to achieve the same goal. We are ensuring that we have the right technology and automation in place to operate an intelligent trust model.

Implementing a SIEM
Executive Sponsor: Rob Collins, CISO
Project Team: Tom Weast, Sr. Manager - Cyber Operations, Austin Arzon, IT Security Engineer, Farhana Rasul, IT Analyst II, Gladys Arubaleze, IT Analyst II Hemant Kumar - IT Analyst II, Julia Lockridge - Application Security Engineer, Kardeny Fru - IT Analyst II, Loren Mileski - Threat Analyst, Sazeniyu Aruna - IT Analyst II, Sean Smith - IT Analyst II, Tony Faye - IT Analyst, Turner Cho - Sr. IT Security Engineer

The Security Operations team took on the challenge of rolling out a unified SIEM/SOAR tool across dozens of sites in as many countries world-wide. They put together a plan, purchased a tool, and completed the initial implementation and rollout.

Agile Cyber Defense Program
Executive Sponsor: Kevin Kennedy, Managing Director, Security Operations Center
Project Team: Ilya Niyazov - Threat Intel Lead, Christopher Randazzo - Threat Intel Analyst, Connor Shields - Alert, Detection, and Response, Christopher Johnson - Alert, Detection, and Response Lead, Anthony Prezenchuk - Prevention Engineering Lead, Ravish Bhatia - Red Team Lead

The Agile Cyber Defense Program empowers security teams to continuously innovate preventative and risk-based detective controls, enabling the development of mitigations to existing and novel adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Service-to-Service Authentication and Authorization
Executive Sponsor: Mukund Sarma, Senior Director, Product Security
Project Team: Alam Patel - Senior Security Engineer, Rob Morris - Staff Security Engineer, Arkadiy Tetelman - Security Architect

Chime's microservices lacked proper authorization, posing data leakage risks. In 2021, we initiated a project to establish standardized no-code solution that addresses authentication and authorization for secure service to service communications.

Project Monocle
Executive Sponsor: Mukund Sarma, Senior Director, Product Security
Project Team: David Trejo - Senior Security Engineer II, Paul Kuliniewicz - Staff Security Engineer, Arkadiy Tetelman - Security Architect

Monocle helped us improve security culture as we tripled in size. Monocle's gamification of security best practices greatly improved our ability to focus on complex security risks by reducing time spent on routine issues across services and teams.

Mobile App Vetting (MAV)
Executive Sponsor: Mike Duffy, Associate Director
Project Team: Lilian "Lilly" Herrera - MAV Service Manager, Richard Mangual - MAV Technical Manager, Vincent Sritapan - CSSO-Service Innovation, Section Chief

MAV is a software-based assurance tool that validates the security of government-developed and commercial-store Android and iOS apps before deployment on government mobile devices or used by the public to access government information and services.

Password-less Authentication
Executive Sponsor: Kwame Fields, SVP, CISO and CDO
Project Team: Ryan Young - Deputy CISO and Managing Director, Security Architecture & Engineering, Keith Bartley - Director, Information Security Architecture, Larry Lew - Director, Desktop Engineering, Maya Svider - Director, Quality Assurance, Jay Jacinto - Director, Service Delivery, Jeff Lee - Associate Director, Platform Technology, Vinh Sin - Associate Director, Desktop Engineering, Dewey Cabitac - Sr. Associate, Systems Administration

With the deployment of the password-less authentication solution the Bank mitigates risk from the ever growing risk of cyber-attacks using passwords. With the growth in the use of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, security based on passwords alone is becoming a significant risk and liability for a strong information security posture. By using password-less technology the reliance on vulnerable passwords is greatly reduced. Additionally, the infrastructure used for password-less authentication also allows the Bank to retire two other IAM technologies and supports a more integrated solution that is more user friendly. The user impact is that they need fewer clicks and fewer interfaces to perform the same tasks. For example, accessing SaaS apps will have the same login process as when users access their virtual desktops, which is now the same whether they are in the office, at home, or on their mobile devices. And should the future strategy of the Bank include using more cloud based services for desktop management the user authentication process will not need to change (that would not have been the case using the old authentication methods)

Safely In Command: Engineering Access in AWS
Executive Sponsor: Robert Pace, VP and CISO
Project Team: Joshua Barton - Cloud Architect, Bruce Tieu - Cloud Engineer, Nikhil Sodemba - Cloud Engineer, Jesse Bailey - Cloud Engineer, John Matthews - Performance Principal, Jason Myers - Director, Enterprise Infrastructure, Ryan Breidenbach - Sr. Director Architecture, Brian Pannell - Sr. Director Enterprise Infrastructure, Robert Pace - VP/CISO, Virginia Suliman - EVP/CIDO

A strategic approach to give engineering teams what they need to run and support their applications in AWS without concern that they might impact another team's resources directly.

Security Stack Modernization
Executive Sponsor: Dennis McDonald, Chief Information Security Officer
Project Team: Katie Mayhue - Head of Security Strategy and Awareness, Dennis McDonald - Chief Information Security Officer

Enhance our security posture by simplifying our stack of security tools used to safeguard Jack Henry digital assets, data, and infrastructure from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Project Symphony
Executive Sponsor: Daniel Paula, Director
Project Team: Daniel Paula - Director, Isaak Lerner - Project Lead, Yemi Oguntunde - Project Consultant, Sola Adeponle - Project Consultant

Project "Symphony" was a massive undertaking involving the separation of technology systems and data between MUFG Bank and Union Bank; the latter became a subsidiary of U.S. Bank, resulting from a partial $ 8B acquisition initiated in early 2022.

Data Protection and Privacy Geo-Fencing
Executive Sponsor: Bill Chen, CISO
Project Team: Stefan Meier - Sr. Director of Engineering, Nikita Berezin - Sr. Manager, DevOp, Caithy Cruwys - Sr. Manager, Software Support, Long Ly - Cybersecurity Lead IAM Architect, Ram Shenoy - Cybersecurity Lead Data Protection Architect, Ernie Asare - Cybersecurity GRC Lead, Hardik Patel - Cybersecurity Product Security Lead, Chip Claycamp - Cybersecurity Infrastructure Engineer, Bert Ryan - Sr. Director, Privacy & Compliance, Cihan T. Cetin - Lead Software Architect, Keegan Church - Sr. Manager, Software Engineering, Kenzie Marx - Project Manager

The DPP program was a strategic initiative that achieved comprehensive healthcare data leak protection goals covering complex security, privacy, and compliance requirements with super cost efficiency.

Project Threat Extermination
Executive Sponsor: Mignona Cote, CSO
Project Team: Damon Love - Principal Security Architect / Project Lead, Bartosz Jelen - Telemetry & Integrations, Jayesh Dalmet - Telemetry & Integrations, Beason Cho - SIEM Migration & IR Operationalization, Gavin Guttersen - CISO / Program Owner, Mignona Cote - CSO / Executive Sponsor

Build a resilient, cloud-based ecosystem of tools to identify and mitigate cyber risks across our IT infrastructure, leveraging AI to decrease MTTD (mean time to detect) and automate response.