ISE® West Project Award Nominees 2023

Companywide Password-less Authentication Deployment
Executive Sponsor: Kwame Fields, SVP, CISO and CDO
Project Team: Ryan Young - Deputy CISO and Managing Director, Security Architecture & Engineering, Keith Bartley - Director, Information Security Architecture, Larry Lew - Director, Desktop Engineering, Maya Svider - Director, Quality Assurance, Jay Jacinto - Director, Service Delivery, Jeff Lee - Associate Director, Platform Technology, Vinh Sin - Associate Director, Desktop Engineering, Dewey Cabitac - Sr. Associate, Systems Administration

With the deployment of the password-less authentication solution the Bank mitigates risk from the ever growing risk of cyber-attacks using passwords. With the growth in the use of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, security based on passwords alone is becoming a significant risk and liability for a strong information security posture. By using password-less technology the reliance on vulnerable passwords is greatly reduced. Additionally, the infrastructure used for password-less authentication also allows the Bank to retire two other IAM technologies and supports a more integrated solution that is more user friendly. The user impact is that they need fewer clicks and fewer interfaces to perform the same tasks. For example, accessing SaaS apps will have the same login process as when users access their virtual desktops, which is now the same whether they are in the office, at home, or on their mobile devices. And should the future strategy of the Bank include using more cloud based services for desktop management the user authentication process will not need to change (that would not have been the case using the old authentication methods)