T.E.N.’s ISE® Fireside Webinars

We are entering an age where digital connections are just as vital to your marketing strategy as face-to-face networking—and come with many benefits that other forms of outreach cannot offer. Sharing visual media and important whitepapers; reaching an audience all over the country without leaving your office; and positively positioning yourself as a digital industry influencer are all key facets of successful virtual outreach across the internet.

If your team is looking for new ways to take advantage of the virtual playing field to reach your customers in the industry on a quick basis while engaging with and educating them on a topical industry matter, T.E.N. can help you. Reformulate your strategy this season through our new service to touch base with your customers all over the country: the ISE® Fireside Webinars.

Virtual Engagement with InfoSec Industry

Through an ISE® Fireside Webinar, T.E.N. will help you put together a virtual fireside chat discussion that aligns with your desired theme and company goals—from topic creation, to recruiting top executives to be your speakers, to promoting the ISE® Fireside Webinar amongst our massive social media following. Your thought leader will have the opportunity to moderate and/or engage in the discussion, bringing your brand to the forefront of the webinar in a tasteful and memorable way. Our ISE® Fireside Webinar will maximize your impact by ensuring you reach a national audience of decision makers and influencers across the country with virtual touchpoints and insightful discussions.

ISE® Fireside Webinars will be conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will always be held at 2:00 p.m. EST/11:00 a.m. PST on our available platform, GoToWebinar. Webinars will be 45 minutes long each, including opening remarks and an optional Q&A session. This is a limited time promotion. Dates are available on a first come, first serve basis and may not last long. Speak with the T.E.N. Sales Team for an up-to-date list on availability for webinars.

Attendance to these webinars will also supply viewers one CPE credit for every webinar they attend.

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The Essentials: ISE® Fireside Webinar Program Management

When you sponsor an ISE® Fireside Webinar, the T.E.N. Team will:

  • Recommend and recruit influential cybersecurity leaders from our ISE® Community, which consists of CISOs, VPs, Directors and more from a vast array of companies across North America including Fortune 500 companies, to participate in the fireside chat discussions.
  • We will also welcome a thought leader from your own company team to take part as a fellow fireside chat panelist, further heightening the visibility of your brand during the event.
  • Offer your team a list of available topics that focus on critical challenges, current events and notable industry issues on the horizon to give you a wide array of content to choose from to select your discussion theme.
  • Develop the topic into a full discussion guide that will fill your 45-minute webinar with lively, fruitful, in-depth discussions, providing your speakers and attendees alike with thoughtful takeaways they will carry with them throughout the week and beyond.
  • Manage each speaker, obtaining their photos and bios for use in event promotions.
  • Communicate webinar logistics to ensure speakers are on the platform and prepared to engage at the right time.
  • Provide speakers with the appropriate documents and materials to prepare them for their discussions.
  • Invite our full ISE® Community without restrictions of a city or venue to attend your webinar, so you can touch base with customers or potential clients from across the country.
  • Deliver consistent, eye-catching invitations to our community, utilizing a compelling call-to-action tone to encourage registrations to the ISE® Fireside Webinar.
  • Unlock our social media following of 15,000 security professionals across the T.E.N. website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to promote your ISE® Fireside Webinar, encouraging registrations and attendance leading up to the event.
  • Email invitations with event branding and information to T.E.N.’s proprietary opt-in ISE® Community database, which is comprised of over 30,000 IT and cybersecurity executives and professionals who are top thought-leaders, decision-makers and visionaries from a variety of industries across the public and private sectors.
  • Highlight your ISE® Fireside Webinar on T.E.N.’s home page (www.ten-inc.com) and on our Upcoming Events page, which will include links to your website and registration center as well as feature participating speakers.
  • Follow up with individuals who express interest in registering and utilize our GoToWebinar platform to send reminders to ensure maximum virtual attendance.
  • Host a recording of your ISE® Fireside Webinar on the T.E.N. Knowledgebase to ensure your webinar remains accessible as a touchpoint after its conclusion in order to keep your customer outreach lifecycle renewed and thriving.
  • Allow your team to share the webinar with your own communications and marketing teams to optimize its visibility and longevity.
  • Handle requests to access the video through an information window, keeping track of viewership and supplying you with a report of that information, so you can analyze customer interest for your own outreach purposes.
  • Facilitate 30-minute weekly status calls with your team to ensure your webinar’s development and progress aligns with your marketing objects, where we can answer questions, provide feedback, suggest updates, discuss speakers and more leading up to, during and after the event.
  • Create and deliver a post-event survey that will be provided to attendees virtually at the conclusion of the webinar, where attendees can provide their feedback on the discussions, speakers and more.
  • Summarize the survey results, so you can see the success of your event straight from your audience.
  • Send personalized post-event e-mail thank you notes to all speakers and executives recruited through our efforts as well as corresponding post-event e-mails to registrants who did not attend.

Leaders from Equifax, U.S. Bank, Delta Air Lines, 7-Eleven, MassMutual, U.S. Cyber Command, and many more have taken part as featured speakers at T.E.N.’s events and other events powered by T.E.N., thanks to our personalized audience development and recruitment strategy.

What our participants say about ISE® Fireside Webinars

It was crisp and managed exactly to time, which is about all you can ask from a logistical perspective. I thought the speakers were informative, especially the healthcare CISO, who made a lot of good points about community collaboration.

Patrick Gaul, Executive Director
National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC)

Good session today, along with the last one on Transitioning to a Remote Workforce. You are doing a great job tossing out questions and keeping the conversation lively.

Rick Handley, Data Security Manager

Thank you! I found the time very well spent and will join again when I can.

Diane O’Brien, Senior Director, IT GRC
Health Care Service Corporation

Our sales team was delighted with the quantity and caliber of attendees at the ISE® Fireside Webinar that we recently sponsored. This has been one of our best marketing investments this year.

Suzanne Balter, VP Marketing

Today’s ISE® Fireside Webinar was very good! I enjoyed every member of the panel, especially Jimmy Graham. Your questions were excellent, and the answers were exactly on target! Thanks to T.E.N. for hosting, and thanks to Qualys, one of my all-time favorite vendors and tools, for sponsoring!

Curtis Coleman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Director of Cybersecurity Program
Oklahoma Christian University
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