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Forcepoint simplifies security for global businesses and governments. Forcepoint’s all-in-one, truly cloud-native platform makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust and prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data and intellectual property no matter where people are working. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint creates safe, trusted environments for customers and their employees in more than 150 countries. Visit

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Menlo Security enables organizations to outsmart threats, completely eliminating attacks and fully protecting productivity with a one-of-a-kind, isolation-powered cloud security platform. It’s the only solution to deliver on the promise of cloud security—by providing the most secure zero-trust approach to preventing malicious attacks; by making security invisible to end users while they work online; and by removing the operational burden for security teams. Now organizations can offer a safe online experience, empowering users to work without worry while they keep the business moving forward.

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Netskope is the leader in cloud security —we help the world’s largest organizations take advantage of cloud and web without sacrificing security. Our Cloud XD technology targets and controls activities across any cloud service or website and customers get 360-degree data and threat protection that works everywhere. We call this smart cloud security.

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As a recognized global cyber defender that stops cyber threats all day, every day – we enable our clients to conduct their business, securely.

Trustwave detects threats that others can’t see, enabling us to respond quickly and protect our clients from the devastating impact of cyberattacks. We leverage our world-class team of security consultants, threat hunters and researchers, and our market-leading security operations platform, to relentlessly identify and isolate threats with the right telemetry at the right time for the right response.

Trustwave is a leader in managed detection and response (MDR), managed security services (MSS), consulting and professional services, database security, and email security. Our elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team provides award-winning threat research and intelligence, which is infused into Trustwave services and products to fortify cyber resilience in the age of advanced threats. For more information, visit

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Zero Networks provides a simple, unified Zero Trust platform for secure remote connectivity and software-defined segmentation for any asset: IT/OT, on prem and in the cloud. Offered on a single platform and UI, the Zero Networks product suite enables full East/West and North/South network security for enterprises of any size, via automated, agentless, MFA-enabled microsegmentation and advanced ZTNA solutions.

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Cyera gives organizations instant Data Reality, taking the guesswork out of cloud data security. Now security teams have a complete, current, and correct picture of all sensitive data and its associated risks, across all datastores and clouds. Running out-of-band and without agents, Cyera instantly and automatically provides companies a strong baseline for all security, risk management, and compliance efforts and ensures the entire organization operates with the same policies and guardrails. Backed by top investors including Sequoia, Accel, and Cyberstarts, Cyera is defining the way industry leading organizations approach securing their data in the cloud. To learn more, visit

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Forescout delivers automated cybersecurity across the digital terrain, maintaining continuous alignment of customers’ security frameworks with their digital realities, including all asset types – IT, IoT, OT, IoMT. The Forescout Continuum Platform provides complete asset visibility, continuous compliance, network segmentation and a strong foundation for Zero Trust. For more than 20 years, Fortune 100 organizations and government agencies have trusted Forescout to provide automated cybersecurity at scale. Forescout customers gain data-powered intelligence to accurately detect risks and quickly remediate cyberthreats without disruption of critical business assets.

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Garrison is dedicated to protecting organizations from the threat of the web. Its pioneering Remote Browser Isolation solution, Garrison ULTRA®, offers robust protection against web-based risks, including ransomware attacks, phishing, and other forms of malware. At the core of Garrison's product lies a Hardsec solution. Leveraging hardware acceleration, Garrison’s approach to Remote Browser Isolation converts all potentially risky web content into a safe format - pixels. This technique ensures that no malware can infiltrate the users' endpoint or corporate systems through the browser. By delivering this RBI service via hardware, Garrison achieves superior usability, scalability, and security compared to traditional software-based browser isolation products. Garrison is already deployed in highly sensitive government sectors and major commercial enterprises worldwide. By enabling a remarkably secure approach to web access, Garrison has brought about a transformation in how these organizations operate.

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Gigamon serves the world's more demanding enterprises and public sector agencies, enabling them to harness actionable network-level intelligence to amplify the power of their cloud, security and observability tools.

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Trellix is a cybersecurity company creating a resilient digital world that enables trust and success. Our market-leading XDR ecosystem learns and adapts through a living security platform built to disrupt active threats. Along with actionable intelligence gleaned from threat researchers, Trellix empowers over 40,000 business and government customers to build confidence by embedding security into their DNA. Learn more at

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Uptycs is the first unified CNAPP and XDR platform. Your developer’s laptop is just a hop away from cloud infrastructure. Attackers don’t think in silos, so why would you have siloed solutions protecting public cloud, private cloud, containers, laptops, and servers? Uptycs reduces risk by prioritizing your responses to threats, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, sensitive data exposure, and compliance mandates across your modern attack surface—all from a single UI and data model. This includes the ability to tie together threat activity as it traverses on-prem and cloud boundaries, thus delivering a more cohesive enterprise-wide security posture. Looking for acronym coverage? We have that, too, including CNAPP, CWPP, CSPM, KSPM, CIEM, CDR, and XDR. Start with your Detection Cloud, Google-like search, and the attack surface coverage you need today. Be ready for what’s next. Shift up your cybersecurity with Uptycs. Learn how at:

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Valence is a SaaS security company that enables security teams to gain visibility into their SaaS risks and automate remediation. The Valence platform manages risks associated with data shares, SaaS-to-SaaS integrations, identities, and other misconfigurations. Customers can leverage automated workflows to collaborate with business users to contextualize and remediate risks. With Valence, security teams can protect their critical SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Slack and Github, ensuring secure SaaS adoption, while accelerating business productivity. Valence is backed by leading cybersecurity investors like Microsoft’s M12 and YL Ventures, and is trusted by leading organizations.