Executive Testimonials

T.E.N. and the programs they offer have been instrumental in me staying up to date on the latest security best practices – from how other CISOs address today’s threats to reviewing the latest vendor offerings that can add value to our cybersecurity program. Transitioning from T.E.N in-person events to virtual events has been an extremely rewarding experience. Due to the number of events they now offer, we are not limited by geography; it has been very rewarding and I would highly recommend the Fireside Chats, Virtual Happy Hour Conversations, and of course the Regional and National events.

Marc Crudgington

Marc Crudgington
CISO; SVP Information Security
Woodforest National Bank

T.E.N. Programs provide practical insight into how security executives and top vendors are dealing with emerging threats and technology risks. I appreciate Marci’s significant experience in the industry and her teams ability to help facilitate high quality digital events with top technology vendors and thought leaders across the security and risk landscape.

John Schramm

John R. Schramm
Global Head of IT Risk and Security
Munich Re

The ISE® Central Digital Executive Forum and Awards was outstanding! Your leadership in adapting T.E.N. to the current environment demonstrates how we as CISOs are doing the same. [You are] continuously monitoring and adapting to the changing landscape by [utilizing] digital technology for executives to be engaged; [providing] good topics to be discussed; [giving us the] ability to see new faces at the event using the virtual connection; [and are recognizing] projects and executives in the region. The opportunity for me to lead a roundtable was very good. The topic spurred discussion from the team to keep a holistic view and I believe everyone enjoyed the session. Thanks again for all you have contributed to the industry and I personally have grown by being a part of the journey T.E.N. is on. Happy Anniversary—10 years is a major accomplishment. [ISE® Programs] will continue to be a part of my must-attend events, as the ability to review/assess/debate concepts and approaches with CISOs of various market verticals present is priceless!

Robert Pace

Robert Pace
Invitation Homes

Thanks for all you do for our industry. Your events connect industry leaders and provide us with quality content. You and your team put a great show.

Cassio Goldschmidt

Cassio Goldschmidt
Head of Information Security/Sr. Director

Today’s ISE® Fireside Webinar was very good! I enjoyed every member of the panel, especially Jimmy Graham. Your questions were excellent, and the answers were exactly on target! Thanks to T.E.N. for hosting, and thanks to Qualys, one of my all-time favorite vendors and tools, for sponsoring!

Curtis Coleman

Curtis Coleman
Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Director of Cybersecurity Program
Oklahoma Christian University

[The ISE® Fireside Webinar] was crisp and managed exactly to time, which is about all you can ask from a logistical perspective. I thought the speakers were informative, especially the healthcare CISO, who made a lot of good points about community collaboration.

Patrick Gaul

Patrick Gaul
Executive Director
National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC)

Good session today, along with the last [ISE® Fireside Webinar] on Transitioning to a Remote Workforce. You are doing a great job tossing out questions and keeping the conversation lively.

Rick Handley

Rick Handley
Data Security Manager

Thank you! I found the time very well spent and will join [an ISE® Fireside Webinar] again when I can.

Diane O’Brien
Senior Director, IT GRC
Health Care Service Corporation

[The ISE® North America Leadership Summit & Awards] was a fantastic event. Thank you and all your team for organizing it.

David Black

Cassio Goldschmidt
Head of Information Security
ISE® North America Executive Award Nominee 2019 - Commercial Category

Thank you and the entire T.E.N. team for all the hard work and dedication to creating and pulling off such a terrific event. The networking and connecting with old friends/colleagues was enough to make the ISE® Program a huge win for me. The ISE® Awards were the icing on the cake that I’m also grateful for receiving the ISE® Southeast People’s Choice Award for 2019. Please keep doing what you guys do—it makes a difference in the information security industry, which means that it makes a difference in the business community!

David Black

David Black
Chief Information Security Officer
SiteOne Landscape Supply
ISE® Southeast People's Choice Award Winner 2019
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Finalist 2019

It was really exciting to be a part of the ISE® Awards. It was honoring to be onstage among other security executives and project teams, all who serve as model individuals and teams for the future of the industry. Our ISE® Project Award success was announced not only at the Awards Gala, but on social media sites, as well, which spread news of our achievements around the industry with “positive press” that our company, vendors and clients all enjoy hearing about. The recognition our team received reaffirmed to our company leadership and other high-ranking executives that our projects are successful and that we are taking significant strides to perform unique feats in security. They are assured that the investment they made in our teams is validated and worthwhile, which in turn provides a boost in our team’s confidence and morale.

DJ Goldsworthy

DJ Goldsworthy
Director, Security Operations & Threat Management
ISE® Southeast Project Award Winner 2017

It is a true honor and privilege to be recognized by the judges and the panel comprised of cybersecurity titans and leaders as the 2017 ISE® West Executive of the Year. The ISE® Program and ISE® Private Welcome Dinner were extremely well organized and comprised of case studies and presentations allowing my fellow Information Security Executives® and I to gain the insights needed to stay one step ahead of malicious hackers and attackers. The ISE® Awards Gala had a true “Oscars style” feel to it, recognizing Information Security professionals and projects for their accomplishments. I eagerly look forward to the next ISE® Program from Marci and the amazing team over at T.E.N.

Ajit Gaddam

Ajit Gaddam
Sr. Director / Chief Security Architect
ISE® West Executive of the Year Award Winner 2017

The ISE® Programs are a great venue for us to show up, network and build our relationships. They are hugely valuable. We commit to spend time with the vendors that are on hand. That and RSA® are the biggest ways I learn about vendors.

Jeff Trudeau

Jeff Trudeau
Chief Information Security Officer
Sutter Health
ISE® North America Health Care Executive Award Winner 2013

The value obtained from the ISE® events are very useful in gaining insight into industry security trends and vendors. The collective intellect at the events always provides me with important nuggets of wisdom on strategy development and execution. I regard the ISE® events as a must attend for security professionals and they are always an event on my calendar to attend.

robert pace

Robert Pace
Vice President, Information Security & Compliance
First American Payment Systems

Thank you very much for the opportunity and also for all you do for us in the field of information security. I thought the last two days at the 2017 ISE® Southeast Executive Forum and Awards were a great success, not only for the outstanding content of the presentations, but also for the opportunity to hold conversations with my peers both within and outside of healthcare. It also allowed for conversations with vendors who offering cutting edge technologies and services in our field. These opportunities help me immensely in developing my organization’s strategy for cybersecurity.

mark reardon

Mark Reardon
Wellstar Health Systems
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Finalist 2009

"It is truly inspiring to know there is an entity dedicated to ensuring our profession does not go unrecognized but gets rewarded. People are doing amazing things in cybersecurity and acknowledging and rewarding those efforts helps keep a positive focus on our mission. Too many negative things in the press these days."

Michael Dent
Fairfax County Government
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2014 - Academic/Public Sector Category
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2015 - Academic/Public Sector Category

"We are always amazed at the quality of events put together by T.E.N.! Yet again, we got to rub elbows with the titans of our security profession. These events are always classy, informative, and better yet: fun. There are few other gatherings in the world where security professionals can come together and truly collaborate, learn, and be recognized for their accomplishments. We always look forward to T.E.N.’s ISE® Programs and take part in the festivities."

Jeffery Shyshka
Department of Veterans Affairs
ISE® North America Executive Winner 2011 - Government Category

Jerry Davis
Department of Veterans Affairs
ISE® North America Roundtable Moderator 2011

"As security professionals, we are constantly fighting an ever-changing battle. Understanding what has worked for others, what hasn’t, and the pitfalls along the way is an invaluable resource that is all too often overlooked. Sharing experiences, information, and insights is critical to staying ahead of the daily challenges we face—and there are few events that compare to the quality of the T.E.N. ISE® Programs. From the networking, to the keynotes, to the case studies, I will always leave an event with an idea on a new approach to try, a morsel to use in messaging, or an entirely new technology option that I hadn’t heard of before. The ISE® Programs are truly a ‘must attend’ for any security executive looking to better their programs, their teams, and their careers."

John Masserini
MIAX Options
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Winner 2010
ISE® North America Project Award Winner 2014

"I have never seen a more cohesive event for the information security profession. I came from an extensive law enforcement background where cohesiveness was vital to safety and achieving the mission. T.E.N. and the ISE® Programs do the same thing for the information security industry by bringing us all together in a vital intelligence-sharing forum."

Chris Bullock
Former CISO
Aaron’s Inc.
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Nominee 2014
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2015 - Commercial Category

"T.E.N. and the ISE® Programs are helping the Information Security professionals gain the visibility to be seen as business enablers."

Bobby Singh
CISO & Global Head of Infrastructure Services
TMX Group
ISE® Canada People's Choice Award Winner 2013

"The entire ISE® Program was a great experience that starts with a passionate T.E.N team and their excellent communication. The discussed topics are very relevant, plus the various booths and sponsors do a great job at highlighting their expertise and showcasing their products. These events have the substance to keep you interested, creating a true learning experience with the added benefit of being fun and exciting. Winning the ISE® West Executive of the Year Award is an honor and I am humbled to be a part of this great program. I look forward to future events and highly recommend the ISE® Programs."

Jeff Haskill
VP, Cyber Security and Infrastructure Services
ISE® West Executive Award Winner 2013

"The ISE® Programs allow executives to collaborate and exchange ideas on dealing with today’s emerging threats and provides an atmosphere where tactical threat intelligence is shared and industry situational awareness is provided."

Michael Dierickx
Information Security Officer
Panasonic Avionics Corporation
ISE® West Executive Nominee 2013

"I am honored to be recognized by my peers and in our profession for the work accomplished by so many dedicated practitioners in a team I am fortunate to lead. To receive two prestigious ISE® Awards from both my peers and industry icons is an honor I will never forget and will strive to live up to every day."

Roland Cloutier
Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer
ISE® Northeast Executive Award and People's Choice Award Winner 2012
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2012 - Commercial Category
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2014 - Financial Category

"To be named ISE® Central Executive of the Decade is an overwhelming honor given the quality and accomplishments of the nominees for this award. All the nominees exemplify how the role of the CISO/CSO has evolved over the last ten years. The threats have become more prevalent and aggressive. Our security programs have had to evolve to not only meet those threats, but also to be forward-looking; to build stronger industry responses to those threats. Of my accomplishments, I most proud of my 10-year efforts to help bring actionable intelligence to our industry partners and, most importantly, try to share my knowledge with younger, very talented students who want to become part of our security community. Many of them have gone on to build successful careers of their own. They are truly the future of our profession. To be recognized for my work over these past 10 years validates that doing the right things for your company, your industry, and the future of the security profession are the right approaches to security."

John R. South
Chief Security Officer
Heartland Payment Systems
ISE® Central Executive Award Winner 2011
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2011
ISE® Central Executive of the Decade Award Winner 2012

Charles McGann

"The review of your body of work and the public recognition by your peers at the ISE® Awards is extremely gratifying. To be a finalist in two award categories was tremendous recognition for me, but to win both the People's Choice Award and the Executive of the Year award is almost overwhelming.

To be included among the prestigious security professionals that T.E.N.’s ISE® Awards consistently attracts is truly an honor and a privilege and is not taken lightly. As security professionals, we must continue to strive for excellence in the digital world, making it a safe place to conduct our business today and in the future. Our sacrifices take center stage at the ISE® Awards Gala, where we network, collaborate, debate solutions, and leave as friends—off to take on the next challenge, perhaps armed with a new idea we collected here.

Without Marci and the great staff at T.E.N. putting together the ISE® Awards program, many valued security executives around the country might go unnoticed and many of these projects would remain local initiatives rather than be shared across the security space. The energy Marci and her team put into supporting our profession is truly amazing, and for that we are all extremely thankful."

Charles McGann
Corporate Information Security Officer
United States Postal Service
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Winner 2012
ISE® Southeast People’s Choice Award Winner 2012

"For ten years, the various ISE® Programs have provided the most useful and up-to-date resources and insights for information security executives. I'm a proud alum and have continuously refreshed my knowledge of the best practices to lead global security teams directly from the best leaders in the industry."

Phil Agcaoili
Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank
Chief Information Security Officer, Elavon
ISE® Central Executive Award Winner 2009
ISE® Southeast Executive of the Decade Award Winner 2012

"I believe that the macro benefit of ISE® Programs—overcoming cybercrime and malicious activity—is sometimes lost. It is not just about recognizing information security executives, which is important, but Marci brings together Information Security Executives through her programs in ways no one else has been able to. T.E.N. provides a venue to build an effective network of security professionals that collaborate to address the latest threats and can be called on when faced with previously unseen issues. She has really built a national network of friends and colleagues."

Tim Callahan
SVP, Global Chief Security Officer
ISE® Southeast Executive of the Decade Nominee 2012
ISE® Southeast People's Choice Award Winner 2006
ISE® Northeast People's Choice Award Winner 2009

"Speaking for the CSX Information Security Team, we were surprised when our IAM project, ‘Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Implementation,’ was nominated for the 2012 ISE® Southeast Project of the Year Award. After seeing the caliber of the competition, we never imagined we would actually win! But even though our first experience participating in an ISE® Program was so positive, we can honestly say that it would have been just as good had we been less fortunate.

The ISE® Executive Forum roundtables and panel discussions were highly informative and provided a rare opportunity to discuss the most current information security risks with CISOs from many large and prestigious organizations across a broad range of industries. We found all aspects of the event to be highly professional, from planning to execution, and everything went off without a hitch. We’re very grateful to our sponsor, Fishnet Security; to everyone at T.E.N. for the award; and for allowing us to participate in the ISE® Southeast Awards for 2012."

Steve Mead
CSX Technology
ISE® Southeast Project of the Year Winner 2012

"Thank you for the opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new connections, and begin great collaborations on our latest cyber hot buttons. I applaud T.E.N. for what you do in providing security executives with the ISE® Programs experience and what you give to this industry."

Robby Ann Carter
Hockeypuk Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC
ISE® North America Attendee 2011

"The ISE® Programs provide an excellent blend of security education, benchmarking, and recognition in one event that is quite unique for our industry. It provides a forum for the free flow of information among peers, the opportunity to look ahead at important security trends, and the chance to pause to reflect and honor accomplishments in our field. These events should be on the calendar of every security executive.

Winning the 2011 ISE® North America People's Choice Award is a particular honor for me because the award comes from my peers. In addition, it provides solid validation of the great work by my information security team and the unprecedented executive support for information and data security at Parsons Corporation. My thanks to all who voted for me—I am honored to receive this distinction."

Lee Parrish
Executive Director Information Security & Compliance
ISE® North America People's Choice Winner 2011

"The T.E.N. team did it again! The two-day ISE® North America Leadership Summit and Awards program allowed us to roll up our sleeves and not only get to share our leadership and security knowledge and experiences, but celebrate the successes of the information security community at large."

Tammy Moskites
ISE® North America People's Choice Winner 2011

"The ISE® Programs consistently bring the best and the brightest to an engaging and informative forum. Security professionals have an opportunity to learn from a highly skilled group of experts in the field and gain insights from peers and technology partners. Each ISE® Program continues to deliver a high-quality experience well worth your time."

Mark Connelly
Chief Information Security Officer
Boston Consulting Group
ISE® Northeast Executive of the Year Winner 2011

"The ISE® West Executive Forum and Awards in 2011 was my first ISE® experience, and as a CRO, I was not sure what to expect. I was really impressed with how the format allowed for networking, sharing of information, and—most importantly—on-the-spot advice on real-time issues and risks that I am dealing with. At the time of ISE® West, I was in the midst of working on a complex contract for IT services, and I was able to get great advice during the roundtable sessions that helped me ensure risks were addressed appropriately. I now have a network of colleagues that I can call on."

Grace Crickette
AVP of Business Operations
San Francisco State University
ISE® West Attendee 2011

"I wanted to extend great thanks for the amazing job that T.E.N. did in delivering ISE® Southeast. I had a great time networking with my peers, participating in the roundtable discussions, and enjoying the environment that was created for the event. I look forward to participating in future events and, most importantly, sharing our success stories with my peers through this organization."

Scott Breece
VP of Security and CISO
Community Health Systems
ISE® Southeast Project Category Winner 2011

"In our industry, it's easy to let the risks, rules, and regulations do the talking—but I believe successful information security leadership is all about collaboration and personal connections. That's why I was so thrilled to receive the ISE® Southeast People's Choice Award."

Glen Taylor
Walt Disney
ISE® Southeast 2011 People's Choice Winner

"The ISE® Programs are an amazing experience because of the sheer quality of all of the nominees who are clear leaders in the field. The judges have an unenviable job, but throw themselves into the selection process with enthusiasm. For me, the thing that differentiated the ISE® Awards from other industry awards was the evident care that was taken in the process, as well as the fact that the judges are all themselves very experienced practitioners of the art and science of Information Security. I was truly humbled to have been recognized [as a winner]. While the recognition of my own abilities is nice, I personally felt that the award also implicitly recognized the incredible contributions of the PayPal Information Risk Management team, as well as the environment of innovation that PayPal has consciously created."

VIDEO: Watch Michael Barrett, former CISO of PayPal, in An ISE® Award Experience

Michael Barrett
Former CISO & VP of Risk Management
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2010

"The entire ISE® Program, from the roundtable discussions to the Awards Gala, was a great experience. It was a valuable opportunity to interact with my peers from around the Southeastern region and was a valuable learning experience. A big thank you to T.E.N for organizing such a great event to help security executives share ideas and also recognize all the great work we do for our organizations.

Being nominated for the ISE® Southeast Executive of the Year Award is an unbelievable honor. Seeing my name listed with the other incredible nominees was very humbling and rewarding. I also never expected to be selected as the ISE® Southeast People’s Choice Award Winner. To win an award that is voted on by your peers is an incredible experience. This award validates all the hard work carried out by my team. I really look forward to being involved in other ISE® Programs in the future."

Kyle Duke
Chief Operating Officer
ISE® Southeast People's Choice Winner 2010

Julie Talbot-Hubbard "The ISE® Awards Gala and roundtable discussions were memorable experiences providing an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices in addressing the security industry's latest threats. It was truly an honor being nominated and receiving the 2010 ISE® Central Executive of the Year Award, as it provided me the visibility and networking opportunities to move my career to the next level. Being recognized by your peers within the security industry as an Information Security Leader is one of the most rewarding awards one could receive."

Julie Talbot-Hubbard
SVP, Head of Information Security Operations
ISE® Central Executive of the Year Winner 2010

Vickie Miller "It's an honor to be in the category of so many dedicated men and women who strive to excel in their profession. The ISE® Programs provide a unique experience for security professionals to network and openly share ideas and success stories. Thank you so much for advancing excellence and promoting the profession."

Vickie Miller
ISE® Central People's Choice Winner 2010
ISE® Central Executive Award Winner 2015

Brenda Calloway "I thoroughly enjoyed attending this year's ISE® Central Awards Gala; it was a wonderful experience. Spending time with my colleagues and peers was so informative, as we shared ideas and innovative solutions on how to protect valuable information while advancing our business. It was a great event."

Brenda Callaway
Executive Director of Information Security
Health Care Service Corporation
ISE® Central People's Choice Winner 2010

Dennis Brixius "The ISE® Awards provides the exposure and visibility for security executives both within the recipient company but also within the industry—it is an honor to receive an award such as this from my peers and industry leaders. Security executives need to be critically involved in an organization's strategic planning, and this award serves as a top management reminder that our role in the organization is to promote practices to protect the businesses and organization from various information management related threats, while supporting new business endeavors.

I would like to thank everyone; the award means a great deal, not only to me but more importantly to my entire organization. My organization is now well aware of my responsibility and zeal in providing an effective and efficient proactive security posture and defense against threats. The networking opportunities associated with the ISE® Programs allows not only myself, but also my reports, to benefit from the personal networking of this organization through these events, which bring together many of industry's top security executives and our distinguished peers. In summary, I believe the ISE® Programs provide a great opportunity to elevate and further integrate information risk management within the organization and our business operations."

Dennis Brixius
Vice President of Risk Management and Chief Security Officer
The McGraw-Hill Companies
ISE® Northeast People's Choice Winner 2007

Melodi Mosley Gates "Thank you so much to you and your organization for making the ISE® West experience happen. Winning the first ISE® West Executive Award was both a thrill and a humbling experience given the depth of experience and skill represented by the other nominees. This award program brings such great visibility to the information security field and its practitioners. Our field is a dynamic one and the opportunity to share ideas and network with other CISOs is invaluable—with our busy lives, it's hard to "get out" these days but your organization makes it time very well spent, especially as we all evolve our programs!"

Melodi Mosley Gates
Former Director of Risk Management and Information Security & CISO
ISE® West Executive Award Winner 2006

Ann Garrett "The ISE® Executive of the Year Award focuses attention on the importance of information security for those organizations, large and small, that are becoming more and more dependent on technology. I am particularly grateful for the award program because it recognizes information security as a profession and recognizes those individuals who are striving to raise security awareness in their organizations."

Ann Garrett
Former Chief Information Security Officer
State of North Carolina Office of Technology Services
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2004

Jim Routh "The recognition from industry peers at the ISE® Awards offered me a wonderful experience shared with my information security team at DTCC. They take great pride in their work and deserve the recognition more than I do. The ISE® Awards have been instrumental in raising the profile of information security practitioners and leaders."

Jim Routh
Former Chief Information Security Officer
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
ISE® Northeast Awards 2007 Winner
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2014 - Health Care Category
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Finalist 2014
ISE® North America Project Award Finalist 2016 - Health Care Category
ISE® Luminary Leadership Award Winner 2016

Craig Shumard "I want to personally thank everyone involved with the ISE® Programs Series; the award means a great deal—not only to me but more importantly to my entire organization. As you know, I am passionate about protecting the information customers entrust to us and have a built a team that shares that passion and commitment. To have our accomplishments recognized, serves as a great thank you and motivator.

In addition, the Awards Gala was a wonderful opportunity to network with many of our distinguished peers; something that we don't often have a chance to do. I truly believe that it is through events and activities such as this that will allow us to collectively elevate and further integrate security into business operations."

Craig Shumard
Former Chief Information Security Officer
CIGNA Corporation
ISE® Tri-State Award Winner 2005
ISE® Luminary Leadership Award Winner 2010