T.E.N.’s ISE® Cocktails & Conversations

In the midst of a rapidly-shifting culture of digital connections and virtual marketing, access to virtual “facetime” with your targets is as valuable to you as it is to the executives and leaders in the industry. Our ISE® Community has shared a strong desire to network with one another and engage in casual exchanges over topical industry subjects—even in the digital sphere. If your team is looking for ways to utilize the virtual playing field to reach your industry customers in a relaxed atmosphere through lasting industry conversations that benefit not only your team but also your potential targets, T.E.N. can help you. Further transform your digital outreach strategy through our ISE® Cocktails & Conversations.

Invite-Only, Exclusive Connections

T.E.N.’s ISE® Cocktails & Conversations provide an opportunity where your sales team engages in digital relationshipbuilding and meaningful conversations about the security issues that matter most to your targets—and bringing cocktails or other spirits is highly encouraged for participants to foster a fun, relaxed atmosphere no matter where each person is located. These are invitation-only occasions, where your team has the chance to tailor the audience to a very particular group of people—your top targets; a particular region in which your company needs more visibility; a specific industry where your team needs to develop a deeper relationship; and many more potential criteria.

We will help you select an ISE® VIP Host for your ISE® Cocktails & Conversations program that best suits your topic of choice by providing a list of viable Information Security Executives based on your company’s suggestions and a selection from our diverse network of professionals. This host will utilize your topic and discussion points to guide conversations and ensure you have an engaging, informative event that will leave a lasting, positive impression on your crowd of attendees. Up to two of your own team representatives will have the opportunity to engage in the discussion as well, bringing your brand to the forefront of the program in a tasteful and memorable way. Our CEO and President, Marci McCarthy, will also be in attendance to your ISE® Cocktails & Conversations program to act as an event co-host. She will personally welcome attendees at the top of the digital conversation and, along with a T.E.N. Team Member, will monitor Zoom to ensure audio, waiting rooms and video are in sync for optimal event participation.

T.E.N. will work with you every step of the way—from topic creation, to guest recruitment, to digital on-site program management and more—to help you in positioning yourself as an industry influencer and achieve the ultimate, ideal ISE® Cocktails & Conversations experience. This is a unique, valuable opportunity for executives to engage with one another and with your team in much-desired, face-to-face engagement using an online format. With the T.E.N. Team’s guidance, you will be fully equipped to develop and maintain vital, long-term connections with industry leaders across the nation that are within your customer pipeline.

ISE® Cocktails & Conversations will be conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and will always be held from 5:30-6:45 p.m. (time zone determined by target audience) via Zoom. Dates are available on a first come, first serve basis and may not last long. Speak with the T.E.N. Sales Team for an up-to-date list on availability for ISE® Cocktails & Conversations.

The T.E.N. Team Advantage

T.E.N.’s proven audience development strategy and project management services are designed to connect you with target companies and executives; introduce you to new prospects that align with your business offerings; and ensure that the topics discussed at each event are relevant, engaging and well-researched. Every member of the T.E.N. Team will contribute to maximizing the impact of your program.

The Marketing & Delivery Team: T.E.N.’s Marketing and Delivery Team will provide you with regularly scheduled updates on the status of event registrations, and will work with your company’s suggestions to handpick an ISE® Virtual Host for your ISE® Cocktails & Conversations program discussions.

Audience Development Team: T.E.N.’s Audience Development Team will create a tailored guest list that targets your most valuable potential targets to attend your program, ensuring our outreach only focuses on those most critical to your customer pipeline. We will structure an email campaign to reach your refined, handpicked guest list with the goal of having an intimate crowd participate in the digital conversations over relaxing cocktails.

Communications Team: T.E.N.’s Communications Team will create a theme for your program that aligns with your organization’s offerings based on conversations with your team. We will then provide your ISE® Virtual Host with a moderator guide that is full of detailed subtopics, current statistics and thought-provoking questions, which allow them to facilitate an engaging, informative discussion to fellow digital attendees.

T.E.N.’s CEO and President: Marci McCarthy, T.E.N.’s own CEO and President, will attend your ISE® Cocktails & Conversations program to act as an overall event host. She will personally welcome attendees at the top of the digital conversation and, with T.E.N. Team Members, monitor Zoom to ensure audio, waiting rooms and video are in sync for optimal event participation.

Program Management Services

T.E.N. will provide the following program management services for ISE® Cocktails & Conversations:

  • Recommend and recruit an InfoSec Executive from our ISE® Community to co-host the virtual discussions who lends their name, title, company and knowledge to the overall success of the event.
  • Deliver personalized email invitations on your behalf to a very tailored guest list of executive decision makers and influencers from your targeted companies.
  • Follow up with guests to track RSVPs and reconfirms and provide a weekly registration report to ensure maximum attendance that aligns with your custom prospect profile.
  • Manage a dedicated landing page on T.E.N.’s website, www.ten.inc.com, with links and promotions from event calendars, outreach and social media campaigns.
  • Create a 24/7 online registration center for the event with calendar synchronization functionality.
  • Promote your ISE® Cocktails & Conversations program through T.E.N.’s social media channels, which reaches over 15,000 security professionals.
  • Facilitate 30-minute weekly status calls to ensure your event’s development and progress aligns with your marketing objectives.
  • Coordinate all logistics for the event, including: pre-event production and planning, material creation of the event, virtual program management and post-event follow ups.
  • Create and implement a branded background image to display during the Zoom Session for the program.
  • Create and deliver a post-event survey and provide a summary of the survey results.
  • Deliver corresponding post-event emails to registrants who did not attend.

For further information on ISE® Cocktails & Conversations, and to receive a brochure with full details and the most up-to-date list of available dates for your next program, ensure you reach out to the T.E.N. Sales Team at the link below.

What our participants say about ISE® Cocktails & Conversations

What an amazing event! Thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail - this concept really came alive. We look forward to working with you on the upcoming ISE® Events and in the future!

Saron Theodros, Field Marketing Manager
Google Cloud Security
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