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Qualys Cloud Platform: One stack to consolidate traditional enterprise security and compliance solutions and secure the digital transformation  > Download Whitepaper
As organizations digitally transform business processes to boost agility and efficiency, IT environments become distributed, elastic and hybrid — a challenge for security teams. CISOs are no longer well served by conventional security products designed to protect traditional, welldefined corporate perimeters where most assets are on premises.

With the adoption of cloud, mobility, virtualization, and other innovations, IT infrastructure frontiers have been pushed out, blurred, and even erased. To regain visibility and control over these new amorphous IT environments, CISOs often resort to accumulating heterogeneous point tools, an ineffective and counterproductive approach.

Because it’s difficult to integrate, manage and scale a plethora of disparate security products, this strategy results in operational silos, increased costs and data fragmentation. Worse, it leaves organizations exposed to opportunistic hackers who take advantage of attack vectors created by the speed, openness and interconnectedness of modern IT.

Cloud-Based IT Asset Inventory: A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR INFOSEC INFRASTRUCTURE  > Download Whitepaper
Complete, unobstructed visibility of your IT environment is the foundation for effective cybersecurity. Without a full, detailed inventory of all your IT assets, your InfoSec team won’t be able to properly protect your organization because the things that pose the highest risk are the ones that you don’t know are there. For a long time, this basic requirement was fairly simple to fu lfill. Network perimeters were well-defined and IT environments were ti ghtly encapsulated. Accounting for and monitoring all the hardware, s oftware and networking elements in these self-contained and sealed IT environments was straightforward.

Financial Sector Complex, Multidimensional Cyber Assessment  > Download Whitepaper
Our team helped one of the world’s largest banks measure its cybersecurity progress against multiple benchmarks in one of the most complex commercial cybersecurity assessments ever performed.

Hunting for Hidden Threats - Incorporating Threat Hunting Into Your Security Program  > Download Whitepaper
It’s 1 o’clock and all is well. You’re back from lunch, and as the company’s senior SOC threat researcher, you’ve just reviewed your SIEM dashboards for security alerts. Nothing out of the ordinary has caught your attention. A recent automation project has drastically cut the time it takes to do this security sweep, freeing up valuable time that would have previously been spent on manual tasks. So how do you spend this newfound time?

What Drives the Need for SOC Maturity?  > Download Whitepaper
Digital Hands is an award-winning managed security services provider with a difference. We are AGILE, INNOVATIVE and PROACTIVE. Our adaptive security architecture is designed to prevent, detect and respond to cyber security threats with unparalleled velocity.

We are agile because in this business, we must be. We have nearly two decades of experience which allows us to predict where we need to go. We are continuously looking ahead and preparing for the next thing. The threat landscape demands that you move quickly and since our inception, we have risen to that challenge.

ExtraHop Reveal(x): Network Traffic Analysis for the Enterprise  > Download Whitepaper
Reveal(x) is the only Network Traffic Analysis product that provides the scale, speed, and visibility required by enterprise security teams to detect and respond to threats and rise above the noise of increasingly complex hybrid network architectures, containerized applications, and the cloud.

One Phish, Two Phish, Three Phish, Fraud Phish  > Download Whitepaper
From there to here,
from here to there
types of fraud
are everywhere.

Fraud is responsible for billions of dollars of loss every year and accounts for 85 percent of all security breaches — and it can all start with a phishing email from a friendly prince, otherwise known as a 419 fraud.

In this children’s book, readers are taken on a colorful journey, discovering the many surprising ways fraud touches our everyday lives, including credit card scams, payroll fraud, financial aid swindles, healthcare deception, and wire transfer fraud, as well as phishing attacks, account takeovers and more.

Readers also learn how Splunk’s analytics-driven security and machine data can help them get ahead of all types of fraud. Oh my!