ISE® Central 2011

Information Security Executive of the Year Awards

The ISE® Central Awards are held in conjunction with a one day Executive Forum which includes keynote speakers, interactive roundtables moderated by the CISOs and VPs of participating companies, and hot topic panel discussions. The one day program offers the opportunity to meet with peers and leading IT executives from across the region to discuss and share insights into today's issues and solutions.

ISE® Central Executive Award Winner 2011

John R. South

John R. South
Chief Security Officer
Heartland Payment Systems

ISE® Central Project Award Winner 2011

Electronic Arts
BSOC – Business Security Operations Center
Executive Sponsor: Spencer Mott, Chief Information Security and Intellectual Property Officer
Project Team: Shammy Rana, Matt Farrer, Calvin Dickinson, Ben Stanbury, Nelson Ho, Robin Wilson, Barbu, Ionut-Daniel; Bobeanu, Victor-Flavius; Ciocoi, Maria Madalina; Constantin, Ciprian-Septimiu; Costache, Marian Bogdan; Cotenescu, Vlad; Doroftei, Alexandru; Gaspar, Andrei Dimitrie; Ionescu, Mihai; Iordache, Constantin Cosmin; Nunu, Silviu; Pirvu, Mihai; Prioteasa, Ileana-Emilia; Schverin, Cosmin Constantin; Soare, Marius; Stanciu, Alexandru-Cristian; Vanut, Marian

The project was to establish “Business Security Operation Center” (BSOC), new generation 24X7 operation providing security and risk management services to all global offices. The type of services that went into the BSOC service portfolio met a specific criteria and ‘scoring’. The criteria included Revenue Generation, Business Expansion, Employee Mobility, Loss Mitigation and Business Innovation. BSOC supplements on-site manned guarding with remote surveillance by innovative adaptation of surveillance techniques. BSOC remotely monitors and manages Information security tools, disaster recovery plan, provide data compliance support, intellectual property protection and fraud monitoring for all global operations. BSOC is a new twist on a traditional Security Operations Center as it addresses key ‘business’ enabling security services by centralizing security from all different domains such as physical security (including supply chain), incident management, information security, intellectual property protection, fraud monitoring to name a few.

ISE® Central People's Choice Award Winner 2011

Doug Jacoby

Doug Jacoby
Chief Information Security Officer
Baker Hughes

ISE® Central Executive Award Finalists 2011

John Petrie

John Petrie
VP, Chief Information Security Officer
Harland Clarke Holdings Corp

Kevin Swailes Kevin Swailes
Director Global IP Protection, COE (Center of Excellence)
General Electric Energy

ISE® Central Project Award Finalists 2011

DLP for IP Protection
Executive Sponsor: Kevin Swailes, Director Global IP Protection, COE (Center of Excellence)
Project Team: Katie Gough, Patrick Sullivan, Walter Miller, Ross Schalmo, Juan Castillo, Kevin Cearlock

The DLP for IP Protection project was undertaken to protect GE Energy’s investment in its innovative technologies and competitive advantage by protecting its intellectual property and trade secrets. The project involved designing a holistic approach to IP Protection and implementing DLP technology to secure classified information from insider threat while enabling sensitive information to move freely across the global organization and enable business processes. The initiative leverages the Digital Guardian Enterprise Information Protection platform as the cornerstone for a policy-driven solution that provides discovery, monitoring, prevention and deterrence capabilities to ensure trusted and privileged users cannot mishandle sensitive data.

michigan state university
Effective Risk Management = Effective Business Management
Enabling the business through Effective Risk management

Executive Sponsor: Lisa Hodkinson, VP, Information Risk Management
Project Team: Chris Hayes, Mike Conover, Mike Mahaffey, Travis Michalak, Cherise Wise, Kristin Lowery, Mathews Thomas

This program established the framework, process and tools to identify and prioritize the top IT risks for the organization and the information needed for business leaders to decide which risks they should mitigate now, mitigate later or reasonably assume. The framework gained inputs from business objectives, current IT risks, industry trends and broader IT risk landscape to prioritize the top risks and build a multi-year roadmap for IT risk management initiatives. We applied the learning and methods followed in our (insurance and financial services) industry to build tools and processes to assign dollar values for “loss exposures” and then aggregated them to show total loss exposure and “earnings at risk” to help business leaders prioritize the risks to mitigate.