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Cloudflare’s Zero Trust Platform  > Download Product Brief
When applications and users left the walls of the enterprise network, security teams had to compromise on how to keep data safe. The location-centric methods they deployed to secure employee traffic — like VPNs, access control lists, and IP allow-listing — have now broken down under pressure, leaving companies with limited visibility, conflicting configurations, and excessive risk. Cloudflare Zero Trust increases visibility, eliminates complexity, and reduces risks as employees connect to applications and the Internet. It runs on the world’s fastest edge network to deploy faster and perform better than other providers.

Review of America’s Top Cyber Breaches in 2022  > Download Whitepaper
Spirion researched and discovered valuable insights from the top sensitive data breaches of 2022. This definitive guide outlines actionable steps you can take today to reduce your organization’s data exposure and risk in 2023 and beyond.

Moving to an Endpoint-Centric Zero Trust Security Model  > Download Whitepaper
Zero Trust Network (ZTN) concept follows the mantra of never trust, always verify. Through this approach, organizations can reduce their open attack surface and adopt enhanced security capabilities beyond traditional defenses. In this paper, you will learn how SentinelOne can help enterprises embrace an endpoint-centric zero trust strategy using the SentinelOne Singularity™ platform.

Critical Application Network Segmentation Acceleration

Georgie Pender-Bey Georgie Pender-Bey
Manager of Network Security, Global Information Security

Phishing to SecurIT Program

Tim Taylor Tim Taylor
Vice President, Security Education and Awareness
Jenn deBerge Jenn deBerge
Communications Director

Cloud Security Governance

Jon Powers Jon Powers
Sr. Manager, Security Architecture
Guy Bridgeman Guy Bridgeman
Senior Director, Cloud Solutions

Quantitative Risk Program and Cyber Business Decision Support Team

John Dyce John Dyce
Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Risk Solutions