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Respond Software

About Respond Software

Respond Software redefines Security Operations with the first security expert system: The Respond Analyst. Driven by its patent-pending Probabilistic Graphics Optimization (PGO) technology, Respond Analyst emulates the decision-making of an expert security analyst, effectively becoming a security team member that specializes in high-volume, low signal use cases while it applies, adapts and maintains an organization’s tribal knowledge 7x24x365. Respond Software was founded by security operations veterans and world class product technologists to serve its customers across multiple industries. For more information visit https://respond-software.com/.

Benefits of The Respond Analyst

  • The Respond Analyst is trained as an expert cybersecurity analyst that combines human reasoning with machine power to make complex decisions with 100% consistency.
  • It is powered by a modern, AI-based expert system, which means the expertise is built-in and self-adapting to a customer’s situation, without rules writing, extensive learn-modes or burdensome content upkeep.
  • As an automated cybersecurity analyst, it is able to process literally millions of alerts, making it a better frontline analyst than humans.

About Respond Software’s Autonomous Security

SecOps Centers have been using rules for almost two decades to describe situations that appear to be attacks by analyzing logs collected in their SIEM solutions. The goal of this strategy is reducing the volume of threat events to a manageable level, so team members can effectively analyze them. However, the average SOC only looks at a small portion of these events—less than 0.0001%, in fact. Events evaluated are also comprised of specific patterns based on well-known attacks, such as consistent failed logins. These “correlated events” are then presented to a human team member, who analyzes them and makes decisions. On average they can examine just between 75 and 150 events per hour.

While a talented human security analyst can utilize their expertise and experience to evaluate every event—however, their response is still based in reasoning for the “most likely” solution. As such, examining every possible cause for a flagged event is less common and, unfortunately, gives potential advanced attackers more opportunities. That is where Respond Software’s Respond Analyst comes into play. Using the advanced mathematics and machine speed of an AI-based system, the Respond Analyst can examine every log, every alert, from every single angle using more than 50 dimensions—meaning identification of attackers is faster and more successful. In fact, the Respond Analyst can monitor, analyze, generate cases, and escalate tasks with the same finesse of a skilled Level-1 Analyst—autonomously, with lightning speed. By utilizing the Respond Analyst, you create a more efficient, more successful SecOps analyst process while freeing up your team to work together on evolving your security systems as a whole.

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