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About Prevoty

Prevoty delivers powerful Autonomous Application Protection via its runtime application self-protection (RASP) technology. It enables fast, efficient and secure software development life cycles, monitors and protects applications at runtime, and neutralizes known and zero-day attacks. For more information, visit prevoty.com.

Benefits of Autonomous Application Protection

  • Prevoty protected applications in production are secure by default, no matter where they are deployed.
  • Prevoty buys you time to fix and patch vulnerabilities, because your applications are secure regardless of latent vulnerabilities in original or third-party software.

About Prevoty Autonomous Application Protection

Applications are prime targets for cyberattacks because they handle troves of personally identifiable information, financial information, and other critical data. Over the past decade, app-targeted attacks have become more common and sophisticated. In fact, applications are now the number-one attack vector of major breaches. Traditional application security tools have failed to protect organizations from attack because they rely on past signatures that are irrelevant to zero-day attacks, lack real-time context and situational awareness, and suffer from high false positive and negative rates. At Prevoty, we believe that securing applications requires radical thinking: Applications must defend themselves. Prevoty has developed the first and only completely autonomous runtime application self-protection (RASP) solution that enables applications to monitor and protect themselves in real-time, at runtime, neutralizing attacks and protecting against both known and unknown threats.

Prevoty Autonomous Application Protection enables applications to protect themselves from attack using a lightning-fast, attack detection technique called Language Theoretic Security (LangSec). LangSec is the formal process of understanding how data such as content payloads, database queries, operating system commands and more will execute in an environment. Prevoty employs LangSec via autonomous plugins that can be attached to applications at any point in the software development life cycle, and travel with the apps wherever they are deployed. Prevoty inspects all incoming payloads, neutralizing threats in real-time. In short, Prevoty protected applications are secure by default.

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