ISE® East Summit and Awards
June 20, 2024
Thompson Atlanta - Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, GA

The ISE® East Awards recognize the information security executives and their teams who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in risk management, data asset protection, regulatory compliance, privacy, and network security. The ISE® East Awards are held in conjunction with a one-day Executive Forum which includes keynote speakers, interactive roundtables moderated by the CISOs and VPs of participating companies, and hot topic panel discussions. The one-day program offers the opportunity to meet with peers and leading IT executives to discuss and share insights into today's issues and solutions.

ISE® East Executive Award Winner 2024


Stoddard Manikin
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
ISE® East Executive Award Winner 2024

ISE® East Project Award Winner 2024

PNC Bank
Text Abuse Project
Executive Sponsor: Susan Koski, CISO and Deborah Guild, Head of Enterprise Technology and Security
Project Team: Debbie Guild (Head of Enterprise Technology & Security), Susan Koski (CISO), Sam Strohm (Security Operations Director), David Butler (Senior Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure), Mary Beach (Portfolio Management Director), Samba Lampich (Digital Product Manager Lead), Tony Marmo (Deputy General Counsel), Jacqueline Kahwash (Security Manager), Micah Semon (Security Staff Manager), Dale Wisehart (Security Specialist), Cindy Hopson (Senior Security Specialist), Michael Rimkus (Security Manager), Sarah Schuilenburg (Senior Manager, Digital Product Management), Jessica Taverna (Technology Communications Lead), D'Elda Faciane-Lewis (Project Manager), RJ Permuka (Senior Security Manager), Evan Kinney (Security Specialist), Christine Pochis (Customer Experience Group Manager)

After observing an uptick in phishing text messages targeting customers, PNC developed a solution and partnered with telecommunications carriers to help reduce this threat. Once successful, the team socialized this model with the financial industry.

ISE® East People's Choice Award Winner 2024

Supro Ghose Supro Ghose
ISE® East People's Choice Award Winner 2024

ISE® East Executive Award Finalists 2024

Jody Blanchard Jody Blanchard
Vice President, CISO
Zimmer Biomet
ISE® East Executive Award Finalist 2024
name Kim Hogstad
Vice President, Information Security Officer
Sanford Health
ISE® East Executive Award Finalist 2024
Jack Leidecker Jack Leidecker
Chief Information Security Officer
ISE® East Executive Award Finalist 2024
Julie Myerholtz Julie Myerholtz
Chief Information Security Officer
ISE® East Executive Award Finalist 2024

ISE® East Project Award Finalists 2024

Attack the Attack Surface: Aegon's Global Information Security Strategy Implementation
Executive Sponsor: Steve Jensen, Global CISO
Project Team: More than 150 Security Professionals were involved in delivering our Global Security Strategy. Leaders of the effort were: Steve Jensen (Global Chief Information Security Officer), Chris Delaney (Senior Director, Infrastructure Security Services), Karen Hunt (Director, Data Security), Joyce Leek (Senior Director, Identity & Access Management), Tom Mooney (Director, Cloud Security), Paul Nickelson (Senior Director, Global Security Operations Center), Eric Svalstad (Global Tech and Corporate Center Information Security Officer), Rob Tourt (Transamerica Information Security Officer), Marijke Witteman (Director, Information Security Analytics), Jesus Gomez (Aegon Spain Information Security Officer), Tony Povoas (Aegon UK Information Security Officer), Herman Stoker (Aegon Asset Management Information Security Officer), Philip Wong (Aegon Asia Information Security Officer)

Completed an ambitious 2-year, risk-based global Security Strategy implementation by focusing on our highest risk categories: External, Internal, Data and Unavailability of Systems and establishing a cross-organizational collaboration model.

Secure Fastconnect + SD-WAN
Executive Sponsor: Malvin Eanes, BISO
Project Team: Malvin Eanes (BISO), Kerrell Hurt (Head of Global Deployment and Hotel Infrastructure), Alvin Smith (VP of Global Infrastructure), Travis Welch (Network Engineer), Alvin Neale (Technical Consultant), Samuel Sims (Sr Engineer), Mark Moore (Director), AT&T Partnership (5 team members), Digital Hands Partnership (12 team members), Fortinet Partnership (6 team members)

This project was a security-driven business enabler. We transformed 4200 hotels across North and Latin America with a secure improved guest experience and network reliability through the implementation of new SIEM services, encryption, and SD-WAN.

Proactive Fraud Identification Tool
Executive Sponsor: Max Garcia, Executive Director & CISO
Project Team: Maximo Garcia (Executive Director & CISO), Nikola Spasojevic (Information Security Consultant), Marko Vicentijevic (Information Security Consultant), Clay Morgan (Senior Software Support Manager), Vicent Alonzo (Software Support Engineer), Robert Albrich (Software Support Engineer), Christopher Patrick (Software Support Engineer), Paul Wan (Communications Senior Specialist)

A self-service tool to provide NCR Voyix financial institution customers with information about suspicious user activity identified by our security experts. The suspicious activities displayed in this tool are identified by reviewing unique data patterns associated with previously confirmed fraud using data elements like IP addresses and specific event sequences. With this data, our customers can quickly assess these cases resulting in potential loss prevention.

Home Depot
Identity Security Transformation
Executive Sponsor: David Hetzler, Director, Cybersecurity - Identity & Access Management
Project Team: David Hetzler (Cybersecurity - Director Identity and Access Managment), Stefano Micocci (Cybersecurity - Sr. Mgr. Identity Security and Privileged Access Management), Varun Sharma (Cybersecurity - Mgr. Identity Security), Imthiyas Rahimgani (Cybersecurity - Staff Engineer), Craig Pardini (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Muralikrishna Nalamothu (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Josue Rodriguez (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Vishal Jaitly (Cybersecurity - Mgr. Identity Security), Oscar Dodd (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Jim Lairmore (Cybersecurity - Sr Mgr. Data and Directory Services, Public Key Infrastructure, Authentication and Password Management), Neal Clark (Cybersecurity - Mgr. Authentication and Password Management), Stephen Ewell (Cybersecurity - Staff Engineer), Kavitha Pendela (Cybersecurity - Staff Engineer), Michael Pass (Cybersecurity - Staff Engineer), Praveen Namboodiri (Cybersecurity - Staff Engineer), Kavitha Pendela (Cybersecurity - Staff Engineer), Chetan Veeramachaneni (Cybersecurity - Staff Engineer), Kalen Collins (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Purnachander Korepelly (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Sashi Garlapati (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Agam Patel (Cybersecurity - Sr. Engineer), Megan Fotter (Cybersecurity - Distinguished Engineer), Nagaraju Gorrepati (Cybersecurity - Principle Engineer)

The Home Depot modernized its' technology stack for identities by enhancing lifecycle events, certifications, access requests and password management for 500K workers by consolidating 8 legacy technologies, into 2 central SailPoint platforms.