Jack brings over 25 years of experience developing successful cyber security and compliance teams, globally at scale. Jack has been a big part of the security community going back to being one of the few US SMEs creating the Security+ with CompTia back in 2002.

Jack has had a focus on how diversity can help accelerate building strong security teams by looking at problems from many different backgrounds. He started as one the leads for the Latine circle at Gong and has moved into an executive sponsor role and even obtained his DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) certification from the AIHR institute to find new ways to help promote DEI inside of security.

Recently, he has built the global Gong security program over the last four years, growing the team from 1 to over 25. This growth was due in part to how Gong security was shown to help enable the business and grow 5x during his time at Gong including going from a few hundred customers to over 4500 including many in the Fortune 500. Before that he built the security programs at Digital Realty and Teradata. Jack is also involved with YL ventures and has advised multiple startups.

Jack has also been an invited Speaker at Leading Security Conferences: SecureCIO SF, Privacy Security Risk Conference, Industrial Control Cyber Security Summit, ISC2, Northern California Data Center Summit, IANS, Evanta Global CISO Conference and CyberTECH Cyber+IoT