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Illumio: What We Do  > Download Whitepaper
Illumio has developed adaptive micro-segmentation technology that stops the spread of cyber threats inside any data center and cloud.

Illumio Edge for CrowdStrike  > Download Whitepaper
Ransomware and malware are designed to move laterally to target entire organizations, locking up whole networks in seconds. Alternatively, attackers themselves can take more time with precise attacks that move laterally as they “live off the land” and target crown jewels. Either way, an isolated incident on a single endpoint can turn into a large-scale attack, particularly if new ransomware has yet to be detected.

Enable End-to-End Zero Trust To Achieve Effective Outcomes  > Download Whitepaper
“Never trust, always verify.” This Zero Trust philosophy-turned-strategy fundamentally changes the way we approach security since trust is a vulnerability that can be exploited. Gone are the days of focusing on perimeter-based security and legacy firewalls to prevent breaches. The growing complexity of dynamic workloads moving across data center and multi-cloud environments, remote users, and endpoints, combined with an influx of new vulnerabilities and risks from hackers and targeted threats such as ransomware and malware outbreaks, have exposed the inadequacy of traditional security models. For effective Zero Trust, you need to have visibility into communications and restrict traffic – across endpoints, between remote users and applications, and dynamic workloads that move inside your data centers and public cloud environments.

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Coverage Initiation: Orca Security looks to offer cloud security with a light, agentless touch  > Download Whitepaper
Cloud security is a key concern for many organizations, and security teams want a comprehensive view of their environments with minimal friction. Orca Security is bringing to market an approach based on out-of-band scanning that aims to address this imbalance.

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One Platform. One Agent. One View.  > Download Whitepaper
Qualys helps organizations streamline and consolidate their IT, security and compliance. The Qualys Cloud Platform and its singular Cloud Agent provides organizations a single view, for real-time security across their entire global hybrid-IT environment, from prevention to detection to response!

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2020 DevSecOps Community Survey - Financial Industry Edition  > Download Whitepaper
As the longest and largest running survey of DevSecOps practices in the industry, our 2020 survey had 5,045 respondents from over 70 different countries. This report represents industry - specific data for the Financial Industry.