ISE® West Schedule of Events 2020

Your Network Through a Hacker’s Eyes: Preparing for the Inevitable and the Unexpected

August 19, 2020
5:30-6:45pm PT
West Coast Region: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please contact: Deb Jones.

ISE® VIP Hosts:

Ray Austad

Ray Austad
Director of Information Security and Risk Management
Farmers Insurance

Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent

Forbes Magazine estimates that global information security spending now exceeds $100 billion annually, yet we are witnessing high-profile breaches and losses from cyberattacks on a near-constant basis. The fact is this: hackers are dedicated and patient. All it takes is one weak point in your security measures for them to access your system, so what are you going to do after they have breached your perimeter? To prepare for this inevitability, enterprise security teams will need to view their network the way hackers see it and pinpoint all existing, hidden vectors of attack. That includes incorporating a robust Identity Management and Authentication strategy to pinpoint who is accessing enterprise systems and how—no matter the circumstances. Overnight, enterprises shifted to having their workforce operate remotely, meaning there was little time to create roles and identities while ensuring everyone had access to their work. Most business continuity plans were not broad enough to anticipate that everyone would be displaced at the same time, and security teams struggle with knowing if their prior strategy for managing and authenticating identities is picking up the slack. Who is seeing what, and what data is being exposed? Join our conversation as we discuss how to view your network like a hacker does to locate vulnerabilities as well as assess how effective our identity management strategy and business continuity plans have proven in the face of the inevitable and the unexpected.

Attendees of the ISE® Cocktails and Conversations will earn 1 CPE upon its conclusion.

August 20, 2020

12:00 PM PT: ISE® Digital Lounge Opens (Networking & Sponsor Visits)

The ISE® Digital Lounge—which remains open before, during, and after the ISE® West Digital Executive Forum & Awards—allows executives and our sponsors to network with one another and share information.

Executives who check in with each sponsor will receive a “stamp” for their virtual ISE® Digital Passport and be entered in the Passports-for-Prizes raffle (winners announced the following day).

2:00 PM PT: Executive Forum Begins: Opening Remarks

Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent

T.E.N.'s CEO & President will welcome guests and provide an overview of the program agenda for the ISE® West Executive Forum and Awards 2020.

2:05 PM PT: Keynote Address

Cybersecurity Amidst a Growing Global Crisis: Why the Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Bernie Cowens

Bernie Cowens
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer
Utility Technology Solutions

As cybersecurity professionals, what we face today is nothing short of a perfect storm. No matter what role we play in cybersecurity, no matter what industry or sector we are in, no matter where we may be in the world, we face an unprecedented global crisis that promises to reshape our world in ways that—previously—we likely never thought possible. Join us as we learn why the stakes have never been higher and how we need to think about this as cyber professionals.

2:20 PM PT: Interactive Executive Roundtables

The Interactive Executive Roundtables brings together ISE® Nominees, industry leaders, invited guests, and sponsor delegates to meet each other and join in interactive discussions on key industry issues as well as share best practices.  The interactive roundtable discussions are hosted by our distinguished ISE® Alumni who are leading CISOs and Information Security Executives.

What’s Your Handle? Locking Down Our Online Identities With Digital Security


Andy Kirkland
Global CISO & VP, Global Cybersecurity Services
Starbucks Coffee Company

Discussion involving how enterprise security teams can utilize digital security and encourage good security behaviors to help employees protect their online identities during professional and personal usage to stay safe and secure remotely.

Defending Remote Environments and IoT Devices from Advanced Phishing and Ransomware Attacks

Kevin Morrison

Kevin Morrison
Managing Director, Chief Information Security Officer
Alaska Airlines
ISE® Southeast People’s Choice Award Winner 2015

Discussion around how phishing and ransomware are escalating beyond their traditional attack vectors to target remote environments and IoT devices in larger numbers and what enterprises can do to ensure their security is meeting these new challenges as they develop.

Building a SOC: What Does Your Enterprise Need Today to Prepare for the Future?


Sujeet Bambawale
7- Eleven

Discussion about the best practices to build an enterprise SOC with today’s budget constraints and remote challenges; the possibilities of insourcing, outsourcing or adopting a hybrid approach; and how to obtain top-down support from the start.

2:40 PM PT: ISE® West Nominee Showcase Presentation #1

Phishing Protection Plan


Cassio Goldschmidt
Head of Information Security

ServiceTitan’s Phishing Protection Plan is a multifaceted and innovative program enacted to protect the business and raise employee awareness about fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information. Join in the discussion as we learn how the Phishing Protection Plan reinvented how ServiceTitan employees participate in phishing tests; completely redesigned company training; brought a renowned social engineer to test their process; and enhanced automated defense with state-of-the-art services.

2:55 PM PT: Information Security Executive® Deep Dive Panel

An industry cross section of ISE Alumni and leading security executives explore today’s hottest security trends and issues and the key challenges they are facing now and in the future.


Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent


Selim Aissi
Chief Information Security Officer
Blackhawk Network
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2015
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2015 - Commercial Category

Alex Ciurczak
EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Tom Cline

William Lidster
Senior Manager of Information Security and Compliance
AAA Washington

3:30 PM PT: ISE® West Nominee Showcase Presentation #2

Zero Trust and Software Defined Perimeter

Aryan Taheri

Aryan Taheri
Principal Architect, Cybersecurity

T-Mobile’s Zero Trust and Software Defined Perimeter (ZT/SDP) initiative is about evolving our security culture and controls from an archaic “Castle Walls” perimeter-based strategy to a next generation security strategy where we intentionally assume our adversary is already inside the castle—on the network—and yet we should be able to strip away any tactical advantage the adversary would have. Join in the discussion as we learn how T-Mobile is driving this game changing Defense in Depth, which requires a Software Defined Perimeter where they can cloak end user applications to a stealth mode, invisible and unreachable by attackers.

3:45 PM PT: ISE® West Digital Awards Show

Honoring and celebrating the ISE® West Award Nominees, this exciting digital event will recognize the individuals and the project teams who have made significant and positive impacts on their organizations through exemplary performance.

4:00 PM PT: ISE® Digital Lounge (Continued Networking & Sponsor Visits)

Executives may continue checking in with sponsors to receive a “stamp” for their virtual ISE® Digital Passport.

6:00 PM PT: Program Concludes