ISE® Success Stories

Craig Shumard
ISE® Tri-State Award 2005
ISE® Luminary Leadership Award Winner 2010

When I learned about the ISE® Award, information security was still in its early stages. There weren’t many award programs, and I was intrigued by the ISE® Award program because we were starting to mature our security programs. We were looking for a way to determine how our programs compared to those of our peers in other companies. The award program presented an opportunity to gain insight into what other firms were doing, find out how we stood relative to our peers, and share information as well.

Because of the ISE® Award criteria and rigorous judging process, I felt like the award had substance. I was also impressed with the level of peer involvement in the judging process. It gave the award a high degree of credibility and set T.E.N. apart from other recognition programs. I knew it was an award program I could trust.

Winning the 2005 ISE® Tri-State Award was truly humbling. Although I accepted the award, it really belonged to the team as recognition for their hard work and dedication. The award gave them a sense of pride and ownership in the overall security program. Plus, it provided validation to others in the organization that we were doing the right things and that our approach to information security was consistent with what other people were doing – if not better.

Beyond elevating information security within my organization, winning the award increased my visibility within the industry and gave me a level of credibility and respect among my peers. I saw the recognition as a way to elevate the information security industry as a whole. Because information security was an emerging discipline, security practitioners were going through a lot of growing pains. Legislation was being introduced, but people were interpreting it in a host of different ways. The recognition gave me a platform from which to provide thought leadership and promote security best practices to the community at large.

The most rewarding part of participating in the ISE® programs is the ability to build relationships with folks across the industry and the T.E.N. team. Security is a specialized skill and we all need to check in from time to time, so being able to connect with peers from various industries is a tremendous benefit. Security is also a field built on trust. Because of the camaraderie forged through shared experiences, whenever I have a question or need help, I can pick up the phone, call someone who I trust, and get the straight story.

The T.E.N. ISE® Award not only pioneered recognition within the information security industry, it sets the bar. Have you and your team accomplished great things within your organization? I invite you to submit your nomination. In addition to benchmarking your security initiatives – and yourself - where else can you find community, peer mentorship and insight into best practices all combined in the spirit of celebration?