Schedule of Events 2010

Wed. Oct 27, 2010

11:00am - 4:00pm: Registration

Location: Foyer of Annapolis 4

1:30 PM : Welcoming Remarks and Introductions

Location: Annapolis
Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President

1:40 PM : Keynote Address

Location: Annapolis

Stacey Halota
Vice President, Information Security and Privacy
The Washington Post Company
ISE® Mid-Atlantic Commercial Executive Award Winner 2009

Embedding Security into the Fabric of Business Processes and Increasing Your Scope of Influence
In order for your information security strategy to be most effective and for you to be seen as a trusted business partner, you need to work with business leaders in many different parts of your organization. Stacey Halota will discuss how she works with business leaders to create a culture that will both enable the business and meet information protection goals.

Session discovery topics:

  • Forming and sustaining business relationships
  • Understanding critical business drivers in different parts of your organization that influence information protection
  • Making information security an integral part of business processes

3:00 PM : Nominee Showcase Presentations

Location: Annapolis
Jack Key

Jack Key
Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer
ISE® Central Executive Award Finalist 2010

USAA’s Info Sec Authentication Program
In this presentation, Jack Key will discuss how USAA was able to provide its mobile user community faster, more secure mobile logon access to their banking, insurance and investment accounts through its new quick logon and authentication security software for its popular USAA Mobile App which allows bank deposit functionality from the iPhone and Androids platforms. Almost 1.3 million of USAA's 7.4 million members access USAA's mobile platforms to conduct financial transactions.

Joshua Davis
Director, Information Security and Risk Management
ISE® West People's Choice Award Winner 2008
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2008

San Diego Virtual Clean Room (VCR) Project
In this presentation, the Qualcomm team will discuss how the traditional approaches to malware protection in a high performance software build queuing and processing system were failing. They realized a new strategy was needed that, when executed, would not impact performance, availability or established business processes and workflows. The project team initially worked with stake holders to obtain a clear understanding of the environment and then developed a solution based on the principle of “Defense in Depth”. The team developed a “Virtual Clean Room” which included creating a secure perimeter using next generation firewall technology, minimum security standards and improved monitoring. This presentation will discuss the teamwork involved, the challenge of using new technology and a generalized statement of the business processes and issues they addressed. This project was the 2010 ISE® West Awards Project Winner.

Scott Rush
Director of Information Security Enablement
Lockheed Martin

The I Campaign
In this presentation Scott Rush will discuss how the critical infrastructure within the U.S., including the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), is facing traditional cyber security attacks as well as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Scott will share how Lockheed Martin developed and implemented The I Campaign in response to analysis that pinpointed employee behavior as a critical factor in most, if not all, compromises of computing assets. The I Campaign integrated elements of technology, employee testing and a security awareness campaign to influence and help change employee behavior within Lockheed Martin. Scott and his team’s objective was to ensure employees increasingly exhibited the desired behavior when faced with known adversarial tactics to compromise Lockheed Martin systems/data.

Dr. Doug Maughan

Dr. Doug Maughan
Cyber Security Branch Chief, Command, Control and Interoperability Division, Science and Technology Directorate
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Key Initiatives at Department of Homeland Security
Join Dr. Douglas Maughan as he shares how his projects at the Department of Homeland Security advance through the full research and development lifecycle of research, development, testing, evaluation, and transition to produce the best unclassified secure solutions for public and private sector end users.  The results of the research initiated and supported by Dr. Maughan have had an enormous impact in every home and business in the United States, as well as throughout the Federal Government and beyond.  He will specifically discuss two major accomplishments—large scale research datasets and domain name system security.

3:45 PM : Break

4:00 PM: Hot Topic Panel Discussion

Location: Annapolis

An industry cross section of ISE Alumni and leading security executives explore today’s hottest security trends and issues and the key challenges they are facing now and in the future.


Craig Shumard

Craig Shumard
ISE® Tri-State Award Winner 2005


Suzanne Hall

Suzanne Hall
Chief Information Security Officer
American Red Cross
ISE® Mid-Atlantic People's Choice Award Winner 2006

John Masserini

John Masserini
Chief Information Security Officer
Dow Jones
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Winner 2010

David Vordick

David Vordick
Chief Information Officer

5:00 PM : VIP Reception at CSI Welcome Reception (invitation only)

Location: Pose Restaurant

ISE® Nominees, sponsors and special guests will have the opportunity to network in a private setting with beverages and appetizers.

Thursday, Oct 28, 2010

7:00 AM : Registration

Location: Maryland Foyer

7:15 AM : ISE Private Networking Breakfast

Location: Annapolis 4

8:00 AM : ISE® VIP Seating at CSI Keynote: Reaching Past Compliance

Location: Maryland Ballroom A
Jim Jaeger Presenter
Jim Jaeger
Department of Defense & Commercial Cyber Solutions
Biography >

9:45 AM : Deep Dive Discussion: Staying Ahead of the Curve of Cyber Fraud and Identity Theft

Location: Annapolis
Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett
Chief Information Security Officer, VP Information Risk Management
ISE® West Executive of the Year Award Winner 2010
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2007

Steve Elefant

Steve Elefant
Chief Information Officer
Heartland Payment Systems

Anne Kuhns

Anne Kuhns
Vice-President, Information Security & Chief Information Security Officer
The Walt Disney Company
ISE® North America People’s Choice Award Winner 2009
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2009
ISE® North America Commercial Executive Award Finalist 2007
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Winner 2007

In the wake of the economic downturn, policymakers, business leaders and Information Security Executives are increasingly concerned with securing the economic health of the United States—including combating those crimes that threaten to further undermine the nation’s financial stability. Identity theft, for one, poses both economic and security risks. It is the fastest growing type of fraud in the United States, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that identity theft costs consumers about $50 billion annually. Further advanced and organized malicious activity that is highly targeted towards commercial and non-profit businesses as well as government agencies has become a profitable and lucrative industry for cyber criminals.  Top Information Security Executives will share their experiences and best practices with combating this ongoing area of threat.

10:45 AM : ISE Nominee Showcase Presentations

Location: Edison ABC
Russell Koste Presenter
Russell Koste
Director, Identity and Access Management
Northrop Grumman
Biography >

Northrop Grumman OneBadge
Russell Koste will present how the Northrop Grumman OneBadge project developed, implemented and deployed smart card technology across the corporation in order to provide enhanced protection from unauthorized access to company facilities, networks and data. The OneBadge smart card standardizes employee logical and physical access and is aligned to Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12, the identification standard for government employees and contractors. Russell will present how Northrop Grumman’s new identity badge is federated across the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Federal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Bridge to enable secure collaboration with Northrop Grumman’s government and commercial customers and partners.

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett
Chief Information Security Officer, VP Information Risk Management
ISE® West Executive of the Year Award Winner 2010
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2007

Why Every CISO should have an Internet Standards and Governance Team
In this presentation, Michael Barrett will discuss the basic thesis that all Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need to look outside the four walls of their enterprise and determine where there are “broken” pieces of the infrastructure that need attention, and see how they can help improve the ecosystem.  Mr. Barrett will share his passion and commitment to helping shape the future of Internet security, including how information is transmitted and accessed.  With his unique focus on information risk management first and security second, his presentation will show how this reversal of the usual approach allows him to help company decision-makers make better decisions.

Joe Bentfield Presenter
Joe Bentfield
Executive Director, CSI Infrastructure

The Voltage Project
Joe Bentfield will present will the Voltage Project at AT&T that enables these information security objectives: (a) do the right thing by the corporation, employees, business customers and consumers, vendors and suppliers; (b) meet internal corporate and security policies; (c) meet a broad set of legislative regulatory compliance mandates and other external initiatives such as PCI, GLBA, HIPPA, etc.; (d) satisfy business customer contracts; and (e) enable business efficiency. It involves two key initiatives: End-to-end Information Protection and Data Leakage Prevention. Joe will discuss these approaches that are game-changing in securing information from end to end, and leverage breakthrough technologies in innovative solutions that remove barriers.

Gerry Young

Gerry Young
Secretariat Chief Information Officer,
Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development
State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts ID Theft Regulation – The Toughest ID Theft Provision in the USA
In this presentation, Gerry Young will discuss the critical role he has played in the propagation of 201 CMR 17.00, the Massachusetts ID Theft Regulation that has captured national attention. This security regulation has rapidly become the toughest ID Theft provision within the United States, and has broken new ground that is being emulated in other states.  He will share how he worked to spearhead a statewide information campaign for business groups regarding the ID Theft regulation. While the US averages for ID theft data breaches have exploded over 200 percent during that timeframe, Massachusetts figures have shown a decline of 54 percent. This is directly attributable to the public campaign surrounding 201 CMR 17.00.

12:00 PM : Lunch with Leaders Keynote

Location: Annapolis 4
Paul Connelly

Paul Connelly
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2009

Rafting the Rapids
In the constantly changing world of information security, 2009 ISE® North America Executive Category Winner, Paul Connelly, will discuss how CISOs stay on top and keep moving forward.   In his session, Paul will share the following:

  • Look back over the past ten years to illustrate how quickly priorities have changed in information security.
  • What are the constants the led to success for CISOs across that time?
  • How has the CISO role had to change to stay effective over that time?
  • How can CISOs keep pace with the inevitable changes in IS? 
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Preparing for what’s ahead

1:15 PM : Interactive Executive Roundtables

Location: Annapolis 4

The Interactive Executive Roundtables brings together ISE® Nominees, industry leaders, invited guests, and sponsor delegates to meet each other and join in interactive discussions on key industry issues as well as share best practices.  The interactive roundtable discussions are hosted by our ISE® Judges and Nominees.

3:00 PM : Private Tour of ISE® Pavilion at the CSI 2010 Exhibit Floor

Location: CSI Exhibit Floor

4:00 PM : Afternoon Break

6:00 PM : Oktoberfest

Location: CSI 2010 Exhibit Floor

6:30 PM : Reception and Dinner Buffet

Location: Maryland D

Guests enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner while networking and meeting the sponsors.

7:45 PM : ISE® North America Awards Gala

Location: Maryland D

Honoring and celebrating the ISE® Award Nominees for 2010, this exciting occasion will bring together top security executives to recognize the individuals and the project teams who have made significant and positive impact on their organizations through exemplary performance.

9:30 PM : Champagne and Dessert Reception

Location: Maryland A Prefunction/Foyer Area

Enjoy champagne and dessert while celebrating the winners, nominees and project teams. Don't miss the Passport for Prizes drawing and a chance to win outstanding gifts from our Central Sponsors. You must be present to win.