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CloudPassage® Halo® is the world’s leading agile security platform that empowers our customers to take full advantage of cloud infrastructure with the confidence that their critical business assets are protected. Halo delivers a comprehensive set of continuous security and compliance functions right where it counts—at the workload. Our platform orchestrates security on-demand, at any scale and works in any cloud or virtual infrastructure (private, public, hybrid or virtual data center). Leading enterprises like Citrix, and Adobe use CloudPassage today to enhance their security and compliance posture, while at the same time enabling business agility.

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Gurucul’s real-time Cloud-Native Security Analytics and Operations Platform provides customers with a Next Generation SIEM, UEBA, Open XDR and Identity & Access Analytics. Gurucul technology is used by Global 1000 companies and government agencies to fight cyber crimes, IP theft, insider threat and account compromise as well as for log aggregation, compliance and risk-based security orchestration and automation for real-time extended detection and response.

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At LemonFish Technologies, we build analytics solutions using best-in-breed machine-learning techniques, deep domain expertise, and leverage the systems and data in which your company has already invested. Simply put, we eat data for breakfast and detect your insider threats and data breaches by dinner. While other companies target your people using behavioral analytics, we protect individuals’ privacy while keeping your enterprise safe. We believe the data itself will set your company free. Combining an organization’s internal data with external public data, our analytics detect data theft and fraud, helping your company address insider threats, regulatory compliance, and data breaches. We’re LemonFish. Let’s find your lemons and fish them out. Download the Whitepaper - Cyber Security ≠ Data Theft Prevention

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LightCyber is a leading provider of Active Breach Detection solutions that accurately detect active cyber attacks that have circumvented traditional threat prevention systems. The LightCyber Magna™ platform is the first security product to simultaneously profile both network traffic and endpoint state in order to accurately detect compromised user accounts and devices early in the attack lifecycle, and to enable security operators to remediate breaches and stop attacks before real damage is done. Founded in 2011 and led by world-class cyber security experts, the company’s products have been successfully deployed by top-tier customers around the world in the financial, legal, telecom, government, media and technology sectors. Download the Whitepaper - Flip The Odds: Using Active Breach Detection Against Advanced Attackers

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Shape Security is defining a new future in which excellent cybersecurity not only stops attackers, but also welcomes good users. Shape disrupts the economics of cybercrime, making it too expensive for attackers to commit online fraud, while enabling enterprises to more easily identify and transact with genuine customers on their websites and mobile apps. The world’s leading organizations rely on Shape as their primary line of defense against attacks on their web and mobile applications, including three of the Top 5 US banks, five of the Top 10 global airlines, two of the Top 5 global hotels and two of the Top 5 US government agencies. The Shape platform, covered by 55 patents, was designed to stop the most dangerous application attacks enabled by cybercriminal fraud tools, including credential stuffing (account takeover), fake account creation, and unauthorized aggregation. Today, the Shape Network defends 1.7 billion user accounts from account takeover and protects 30% of all US savings. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and also has offices in London and Sydney.

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SignalSense is helping secure and protect today's enterprise, by reducing time to detect and remediate threats and compromise throughout the network. Our Clarity Network Security suite, saves valuable time by providing proactive visual monitoring and adaptive detection capabilities, applying the industries first real time machine and deep learning intelligence to identify, classify and escalate risks and vulnerabilities, helping eliminate threats and compromise within your organization. Learn how you can fortify your Cyber security infrastructure, improve efficiency, and increase security operations productivity for your firm. Download the Whitepaper - Using Deep Learning to Detect Threats

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ThreatTrack Security specializes in helping organizations identify and stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and other sophisticated malware designed to evade the traditional cyber-defenses deployed by enterprises and government agencies around the world. The company develops advanced cybersecurity solutions that Expose, Analyze and Eliminate the latest malicious threats, including its ThreatSecure advanced threat detection and remediation platform, ThreatAnalyzer malware behavioral analysis sandbox, ThreatIQ real-time threat intelligence service, and VIPRE business antivirus endpoint protection. Learn more at

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TruSTAR is the industry’s first global anonymous cyber incident-sharing platform for businesses. We use advanced technology to eliminate corporate reluctance to share incident information and empower our members to exchange unattributable incident data that is both timely and actionable. Supported by real-time incident correlation, our expert response team and unique collaboration portal, TruSTAR members don’t just share data, but obtain valuable insight on attacks in progress and, when needed, coordinate response among their experienced security teams. To learn more, visit