T.E.N. & ISE® Sales and Marketing Breakfast at RSA® 2020

Standing Out in a Crowded Playing Field by Building Trusted Relationships With Cybersecurity Executives

As technology evolves and cyber threats increase, CISOs need security solutions that will make their enterprise programs more efficient and their security teams better equipped to defend them. Every day, security vendors are producing new, innovative solutions, but getting into contact with CISOs can be tricky. The wrong approach can reduce a vendor’s chances to prove themselves, so how can they use their time with a CISO wisely to create the best first impression? Now more than ever, CISOs want to build genuine relationships with vendors who provide solutions specific to their organizational security needs. To stand out from your competitors, you will need to differentiate yourself, both in the language you use to refer to your products and in the way you communicate with security executives—and their teams. No CISO makes product decisions in a vacuum. They rely on their leadership and team members to guide uses of budget, time and productivity. To understand how to sell to a CISO successfully, you need to understand what they want and what their business and security team needs are. For that to happen, you have to build the relationship first. Taking the time to do so will illuminate areas you are likely in the dark about: What is your prospective client’s preferred method of contact, and what is an instant disqualifier? What does their company’s technology products road map look like along with the timeframe to implement these solutions? How can your solution remove complexity to their current security stack instead of adding to it?

Find the answers to these important questions and more at T.E.N.’s ISE® Sales and Marketing Breakfast during the 2020 RSA® Conference. Our panel of executive thought leaders will share their real-world experiences and insights about Security Solutions Providers’ sales and marketing programs. Their candid views will give you an inside track to effectively market and sell solutions to the nation’s top IT and security executives.

Learn directly from leading industry CISOs about how to:

  • Make your messaging and brand stand out from the crowd
  • Best practices for building a highly effective field and event marketing program
  • Tips and techniques for building a relationship-oriented sales strategy
  • What marketing and sales tactics really work and which will fall flat or fail
  • Understand enterprise buying cycles and procurement processes and how those cycles align with delivering on your sales quotas and product roadmaps

This is an invitation-only program and attendance is limited to a select number of executives from solution provider organizations. Following registration, guests will receive personal notifications confirming their attendance.


Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent



Sujeet Bambawale
7- Eleven


Brad Boucher
VP & Deputy CISO
Cox Communications

Dave Estlick

Dave Estlick
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Renee Guttmann

Renee Guttmann
Campbell Soup Company

Evette Maynard-Noel Dr. Evette Maynard-Noel
Deputy CISO
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
Kevin McKenzie

Dr. Kevin McKenzie
Dollar Tree Stores
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Winner 2013
ISE® North America Academic Executive Award Winner 2013


Ben Murphy
Vice President, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer

Jim Routh

Jim Routh
Board Member, Advisor and Former CISO
Industry-Leading Enterprises
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Winner 2007
ISE® North America Executive Award Winner 2014 - Health Care Category
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Finalist 2014
ISE® Luminary Leadership Award Winner 2016