T.E.N. Announces New Industry Advisory Services for Technology and Security Solutions Providers

ISE® Industry Expert Advisory Services Launched

Atlanta, GA (September 21, 2011) --T.E.N. announced today the addition of a new service offering to their product portfolio. Created for technology and security solution providers, ISE® Industry Expert Advisory Services by T.E.N. will provide them the opportunity to directly leverage the knowledge and expertise of its distinguished luminary and award winning industry experts from the Information Security Executive® (ISE)® Alumni Network.

Services will include Executive Buyer Perspectives: Specialized Strategic Marketing and Sales Advisory Services, Strategic Advisory Board Development, Independent Industry Perspectives and Thought-Leadership program offerings. For details on these service offerings, visit ISE Industry Expert Advisory Services.

”From buying lifecycles and validation of technology market issues to the development of a Strategic Advisory Board, this offering will allow thought leadership for solution providers whether strategic, tactical or just simple guidance from an experienced practitioner,” said Marci McCarthy, CEO and President, T.E.N.

With over 150 years of real-world experiences combined, the offering will be led by T.E.N.’s ISE® Industry Experts. These highly credentialed and veteran business professionals offer leadership experience in information security, technology and risk management. With their operational and subject matter expertise, solution providers can align their business strategy with enterprise IT, track progress, ensure long-term growth and deepen customer relationships.

The distinguished ISE® Industry Experts are listed as follows:

Craig Shumard is a 2010 ISE® Luminary Leadership Award winner and recognized thought leader and spokesman in the area of information protection. A keynote speaker at national conferences and events, member of numerous industry advisory boards and featured in national publications including The Wall Street Journal, InformationWeek, Information Security Magazine and CSO Magazine, he has dedicated more than two decades to protecting private, sensitive and confidential information as the CISO for CIGNA.

Ken Tyminiski has more than 32 years of information technology experience and is uniquely qualified to provide strategic consulting services for technology companies, business enterprises, and industry associations with a focus in the area of information security and risk management. As the CISO for Prudential Insurance Company, Tyminski established policies, standards and ensured controls were in place for millions of users, thousands of branches and hundreds of offices across the country and internationally.

Gary Secrest, an accomplished senior executive has over four decades of experience in information security, information security risk management, and associated information technologies in both the federal government and the private sector, including holding a Director Worldwide Information Security position for Johnson & Johnson.  He has extensive experience in strategic planning and enterprise-level security architecture development in large and complex information technology infrastructures.

“The ISE® Industry Experts bring unique skills, perspectives and insights to assist companies on tactical issues and strategic direction to improve overall outcomes,” said Craig Shumard, Principal, Shumard and Associates, LLC. To learn more about ISE® Industry Expert Advisory Services, go to: http://www.ten-inc.com/advisory_services.asp

About T.E.N.
T.E.N., a national technology and security executive networking organization, facilitates peer-to-peer relationships between top executives, industry visionaries and solutions providers. Nominated for numerous industry awards, T.E.N.’s executive leadership programs enable information exchange, collaboration and decision-making. Their flagship program, the nationally acclaimed Information Security Executive® (ISE®) of the Year Program Series and Awards, is the nation’s largest leadership recognition and networking program for security professionals. Other offerings include the Software Security Assurance Summit Series and the ISE® Industry Expert Advisory Services, empowering IT solutions providers to gain access to highly credentialed IT business veterans’ expertise. For information, visit www.ten-inc.com and www.iseprograms.com