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Creating a Secure Cloud Infrastructure

The first roundtable began with Andrew Albrecht leading his participants in discussions concerning the cloud and securing cloud environments along with the challenges they see on a daily basis. After polling the table, participants found that they were all working with hybrid cloud environments, which is becoming a norm within the InfoSec industry as a whole; there was no one at the table who was purely in the cloud. What participants found was that, by using the cloud, they can secure their environments faster than they used to with legacy environments. What would take a month to resolve is now happening far more quickly. For instance, if a system is acting maliciously, security professionals can rapidly retire and investigate it. The group also discussed how going to the cloud started first as a cost-benefit analysis, only for it to be a cost-shock. However, cost savings occur farther down the road such as by expediting business processes out to business partners and other security savings.