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Social [Media] Security: The Impact of Social Media on Information Security

To start off, the group had a few facts they had uncovered in regards to weaknesses in social media security. For example, one member noted that Facebook scams were one of the most commonly distributed forms of malware in recent years. Furthermore, another fact the group gave is that the FBI noted how social media incidents have quadrupled over the last five years. Hundreds of organizations suffer from breaches and attacks due to social media usage within the company. Both on a personal and business level, social media engagement has risen significantly among professionals—either recreationally or as a business necessity. And while breaches among these users is more common as a result of social media usage, it’s all but impossible to forbid every employee or contractor within your organization from using any form of social media whatsoever. It is too integral to personal and professional life at this point. However, it is not impossible to establish company policies regarding social media use while employed within the organization—guidelines for when, how, and what are acceptable and even encouraged to cut down on potential incidents. Furthermore, companies can monitor that usage (to an extent) to routinely assess how their employees stay within those guidelines and restrictions. One of the easiest rules you can issue for social media use is rather short: “Don’t do anything stupid.” Such a blunt guideline can be rather effective as a first step in helping employees remember to think before they post or interact online.