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No Longer Left to Their Own Devices: Hacking Concerns with the Internet of Things

For many companies it seems like IoT is kind of low on the overall priority list. However, after the group’s discussion they all realized that it’s something that is really going to impact them sooner than later. The group focused on two major areas: trying to understand what the concerns were and what can be done about them. The group was a mixture of people that manufactured IoT devices as well as those who are trying to protect themselves from IoT related issues. Topics like how the IoTs affects family, data security, and medical device security also came up. So many basic amenities are now interconnected and as this continues to grow, more avenues and potential threats also arise. Everything from the security of devices to the apps that control them can be potential attack vectors. Few manufacturers seem to be focusing on securing IoT devices since it doesn’t seem to be a major driver of revenue for them. To remedy this, suggestions for more thorough code reviews, the ability to isolate devices, and even penetration tests were all discussed as ways manufacturers could help bring greater security to IoT devices before they’re even sold. IoT is something we all need to put some serious thought into and is not something that can just remain a secondary concern.