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Cyber Threat Intelligence: A Gold Mine of Value

Where is the push coming from?

At the beginning the push was coming from the CISO’s.  But, very quickly everyone across the table everyone was getting more from the Board and C-suite.  Most of the information they are getting is coming from the news and they are coming to us to ask questions. There are more and more opportunities to present to the Board on cyberthreat intelligence.

Where are you getting your threat intelligence?

Staffing and Budget

Energy sector has done a lot of sharing internally, more to prove that we are taking those measures to protect, even though some of those areas are not government regulated.  You see, across the industries, that there are different kinds of sharing but, also, the need for us to share more freely and get more timely information, especially information from the government.  Sometimes we get good information, but it may be two years old by the time we get it.