Mary Haynes is the Vice President of Network Security Operations at Charter Communications. Mary currently leads the network security program for Charter’s core networks and services, including High Speed Internet, Telephony, and Video products. Her team is responsible for security standards, compliance, vulnerability and risk assessments, event monitoring and incident response. Mary is also responsible for Charter’s Law Enforcement Response Team, Abuse management and botnet remediation programs.

Mary actively participates in a leadership role in numerous security organizations and associations, including the National Communications and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), Communications Information Sharing Analysis Center (ISAC), Communications Sector Reliability and Interoperability Council Working Groups and Infragard. Mary is currently serving as the Communications Deputy Sector Chief for Denver Infragard and serves on the board for Women In Security - Denver.

Prior to joining Charter, Mary was the Chief Security Officer at Westar Energy where she was responsible for leading all information and cyber security functions.

Mary graduated Summa Cum Laude from Baker University with a degree in Business Administration.