Andrew Bjerken serves as Catalina’s Global Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer. In his current role he is responsible for all aspects of information security, cyber security, data governance, and privacy. This includes SECOPs, security architecture, vulnerability management, risk management, data governance, data quality, identity and access management, investigations, and Privacy (GDPR, APPI, CCPA, etc.)

Bjerken has 18+ years of experience across multiple industries ranging from higher education, financial, and military. Bjerken began his career as an officer with the U.S. Air Force. During the latter part of his career he planned & executed large-scale attack operations & commanded red team vulnerability assessments against DoD facilities & networks. As part of this work, he replicated advanced persistent threats (APTs) and insider threats. Most notably he commanded the red team for the 1st Cyber Flag involving red teams from the NSA, DOJ, DHS, academia, & all services.

He has spoken as a cyber security and threat SME at numerous venues to include, RSA, BlackHat, and with various members of U.S. Congress. Andrew serves as an advisor on several boards, is a Fellow of Information Privacy, and an adjunct professor teaching master’s level courses in cybersecurity. He has a BA in Criminal Justice, a Master’s in Forensic Science, and a doctorate in Business Administration with a specialty in computer and information security.