Since Joining Yum in 2007, Stacy has built a dynamic international team to address all aspects of Information Security across 5 brands and 120 countries.  Under her strategic leadership, Yum Brands has achieved global PCI/SOX compliance, built out underlying security infrastructures and kept her business ahead of the myriad of US and international data and privacy laws.

Stacy started in security as Humana Military’s Chief Security Officer in 2001 after holding numerous positions in her 17 year career at Humana, Inc.  She worked closely with the Department of Defense as a member of the Information Assurance Work Group (IAWG) in support of the Tricare Management Agency and DITSCAP/DIACAP initiatives. 

After receiving her BS in Computer Science and Mathematics, her 25 year experience in IT includes engineering, implementation as well as business strategy.  She has held positions on numerous CISO boards in addition to her speaking engagements across the globe.