Peter D. Lassig, Global Head “Risk Management – Border Controls” is responsible for governance of all IT based communication channels from a legal and compliance perspective, preparation and support in external and internal audits, application penetration testing and vulnerability scanning and firewall risk management. In 2005 he joined the security community as Global Head “Detection and Prevention Services”. Mr. Lassig joined Deutsche Bank in 1997 as project manager for software development. He has worked in multiple management positions in Europe, Asia and came to the United States in 2004.

His management expertise ranges from creating new applications for banking departments to rolling out new infrastructure and implementing corporate IT security and risk management functions.  As CSEP Columbia alumni he entertains active relationships to managers in other industries to maintain the highest level to use outside input to improve internal processes.

Peter’s broad management expertise ranges from developing  new applications for banking departments,  to implementing  global infrastructure access initiatives, as well as defining and deploying new corporate IT security and risk management functions. As a CSEP Columbia alumnus, Peter maintains an active relationship with managers in other industries to ensure internal processes always have a deep breadth of other industry experts.

Mr. Lassig holds a Masters Degree in “Computer Science and Business” equivalent from the University of Leipzig, Germany. In 2008 he successfully participated in the Columbia University CSEP program.