Kim Green has 25 years experience in information technology, data and product security, and compliance and risk management in both private and public sectors.

Kim is the Chief Security & Privacy Officer for Zephyr Health, Inc., where she serves as a key cultural influencer regarding information protection and business engagement for Zephyr Health’s global security and privacy compliance programs. She is responsible for strategic security planning, corporate information security operations, end-to-end product security, data privacy compliance, risk management, security audits & investigations, and security business analytics & performance management. In addition, she serves on the security advisory boards for Authentic8 and Netswitch.

She has consulted several U.S. state healthcare government agencies and developed HIPAA/HITECH Security Awareness Training programs for the states of Washington and Oregon. She has led companies through numerous certification and compliance audits, e.g., ISO 27001, FISMA, SOC 2.

In 2013, while working as CISO for Bosch Healthcare, she was invited to Brussels on behalf of the COCIR European Trade Association, which represents the Health Information and Communication Technology industry, to speak to members of the European Commission on finding the right balance between security, privacy and business needs. In addition, she participated on COCIR’s dedicated Task Force, which issued nine key recommendations to the European Commission regarding the new European General Data Protection Regulation.

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