In 2000, Darnell Frymire assumed the role of President and CEO of The People Network, Inc. (TPN), an IT staffing firm that was started in 1992 by her late husband, Richard Lewis. By 2002, Darnell and her team persevered in an economy that saw many ups and downs and ended the year with record revenues and staff growth – the highest in the firm’s 10-year history.

TPN’s business continued to grow year to year, thanks to their strong ability to truly partner with their clients. “We know that it is just as important to understand our client’s culture and business vision as it is to find the right candidate with the perfect skill set. When we find that right combination, then we know that we have truly achieved success for our client,” states Darnell.

In 2010, Darnell entered into an acquisition by MD&E CLARITY, a technology firm that specialized in CRM and data management services and support. The People Network brought a well-established IT staffing component to the MD&E CLARITY brand and became wholly integrated into that business.  Darnell counseled and oversaw that integration as the company’s new President of Major Accounts Strategy, to assist them in engaging companies and organizations that promote diversity.