Gary Coverdale is the Assistant Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for the California County of Napa. Mr. Coverdale sits on the Executive Committee for the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center/Center for Internet Security (a Department of Homeland Security funded non-profit). He also serves as Past Chair of the California Counties Information Services Directors Association – Information Security Forum, and is the California State Local Agency (Counties and Cities) representative for MS-ISAC. Prior to public employment, Mr. Coverdale founded and operated a national software development firm, BISPAC Corporation, working with IBM and its mid-range systems for 23 years. Mr. Coverdale holds various degrees with studies in accounting, banking, business management and law, and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP). He has been a speaker at various forums including international security events at FutureGov, Washington DC FOSE Conference, SecureWorld, CIOSynergy, and many other national security and technology events. Mr. Coverdale is the Co-Chair for the Nationwide Cyber Security Review funded by and reporting to the United States Congress.