Raymond Biondo has been CISO of Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) since 2006.   Mr. Biondo’s responsibilities include information security for the HCSC enterprise and information access regulatory compliance.  He is also responsible for overseeing access control, IT Risk management, Internal Controls Governance and regulatory compliance.

He has quickly accelerated the progress of a very large enterprise disaster recovery program as well as developed a complete enterprise business continuity program.  He has established a distributed professional disaster recovery function, created dynamic enterprise weekly reporting suite for senior officers and base lined measurable risk.

He has established an innovative organization design, which incorporates the non-technology internal business partners in the IS decision and development cycle.

Mr. Biondo has developed the Information Security services within HCSC to become recognized as one of the best protection services in healthcare.  Prior to joining HCSC, Mr. Biondo served as a senior vice president at Aon Corporation.