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About IronNet Cybersecurity

Founded by General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, former Director of the U.S. National Security Agency and Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, IronNet brings together a team of highly experienced strategic, operational, and technical cybersecurity experts to develop and deliver outstanding cybersecurity products and services. IronNet’s goal is to “continue the mission” that General Alexander led for the U.S. for many years— securing nations and critical industry sectors in cyberspace. Using complex behavioral modeling, big-data analytics, and advanced computing capabilities, IronNet provides best-in-class cyber defense. The result is unprecedented network visibility, early threat detection, and targeted, business-informed mitigation actions. In addition, IronNet offers a unique collective defense solution by quickly sharing and correlating cyber threats and cyber event data to provide sector-wide and nation-wide real-time cyber threat visibility.

Since 2014, IronNet has delivered the power of this collective cybersecurity to help companies, sectors, and governments defend and secure their most valuable connected assets, including energy grids, financial records and healthcare data. Today, organizations around the world trust IronNet to more efficiently and accurately detect known and unknown cyber threats targets in their networks and share that information with peers so that all members can live and work with peace of mind in cyberspace. Learn more at https://ironnet.com/.

What do IronNet Cybersecurity’s solutions bring to the table?

  • Improve real-time visibility across an industry, ecosystem, or supply chain (IronDome)
  • Improve detection of unknown threats using AI/ML and other behavioral methods (IronDefense)
  • Reduce impact of an attack (IronDefense, IronDome and Services)
  • Improve effectiveness of existing cybersecurity investments

About IronNet Cybersecurity’s Collective Defense

IronNet Cybersecurity is focusing on the future—and their Collective Defense is that future’s most sophisticated cyber tool. As cyber attacks increase in speed and frequency, the more antiquated methods of cybersecurity defense are falling short and letting attacks slip through the cracks. Teams are forced to take a reactive approach versus proactive, and IronNet hopes to change that. Using behavioral-based detection capabilities and a collective, machine-speed defense platform, they hope to aid industry peers in spread awareness for active cyber threats.

With Collective Defense, teams provide real-time feedback and are able to react to targeted industry threats. This draws peers together, rather than forcing them to work in isolation, so they can collaborate on counteracting oncoming cybersecurity attacks.

IronNet recently commissioned research firm Vanson Bourne to interview 200 U.S. security IT decision makers on a wide scope of issues, ranging from their confidence in their security structure, to perceived vulnerabilities, to investment decisions and collective industry information sharing. The full breakdown of this study can be read in their whitepaper, but a summary look at the results finds that while industry leaders have confidence in their current security strategy and systems, they still experience a steady average amount of cyber attacks—20% of those respondents experienced six or more attacks in a 12-month period. There is a need to change the approach toward security systems and strategies in a more innovative way—and with attackers working together to target the industry, likewise the industry needs a way to work together and counteract these threats.

With a Collective Defense approach, threats are essentially “detected by one and blocked by all.” When you work within IronNet’s Collective Defense “dome,” you benefit from learning about threats that are “detected, scored and shared real-time.” It is time to leave the age of working against attackers with your team in isolation behind—now, we must all look toward a future of communication, collaboration, and proactive threat strategy. Learn more about IronNet Cybersecurity’s Collective Defense on their website: https://ironnet.com/solutions/collective-defense/.

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