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ISE® West 2016

Ransomware is growing in popularity because it has the ability to be indiscriminate. Any organization, regardless of size, is a potential target. This is why attackers are spreading malware by any means possible. Fortunately, X by Invincea is built to kill ransomware, regardless of how it was delivered.

Kill Threats, Not Business Performance  > Download Whitepaper
We spoke with Paul Calatayud, Chief Information Security Officer at Surescripts. Surescripts is committed to unleashing the potential of American healthcare by creating a more connected and collaborative healthcare system. The company’s nationwide health information network connects doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and health plan providers through an integrated and technology neutral platform.

Kill Threats, Not Business Performance: Better protect your enterprise without sacrificing business performance  > Download Whitepaper
Every day, organizations are forced to make a choice between security and workforce performance, but business demands that you do both effectively. The endpoint security industry has failed to provide a solution for this impossible choice. Until now.

X by Invincea sets a new standard for performance and protection. We pay as much attention to the impact on your workforce and your endpoints as we do to stopping threats. Unlike other products, you will prevent and detect threats while enabling your workforce to conduct business — in the office or on the road.

7 Key Factors of a Highly Effective Application Protection Solution  > Download Whitepaper
This whitepaper discusses the key factors that enable an effective application protection solution -- that mitigates binary code risks and combats the latest security threats.

The Total Economic ImpactTM Of Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer  > Download Whitepaper
Globalscape commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Enhanced File Transfer (EFT). The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Enhanced File Transfer on their organizations, to leverage the managed secure file transfer solution to improve their ability to serve their customers, employees, and partners.

Bill Burns

Bill Burns
Chief Trust Officer and VP, Cloud Business Transformation

Reshaping the Cloud Through Singular Management  > Download Presentation
The Informatica Cloud Hosting Service was developed as a singularly managed cloud platform to support Informatica in their mission to expand service offerings of best-in-class data management software to a public cloud / PaaS model. Through singular management, the team has been able to keep cost to a minimum and maximize the functional releases to customers leveraging products hosted on ICHS. The project has resulted in operational cost savings through consolidation and more efficient team alignment through the introduction of a DevOps model. This has allowed Informatica to offer these solutions in support of clients who wish to reduce their own internal IT hosting footprint. Join our conversation to learn how the Informatica team was able to enable their customers to achieve faster and more substantial ROI from their use of Informatica hosted products by shortening implementation timeframes and providing faster access to feature releases.

Jason Lish

Jason Lish
Executive Vice President and Chief Security Officer
Alight Solutions
ISE® West Executive of the Year Award Winner 2016
ISE® North America Executive Award Finalist 2016 - Financial Category
ISE® Central Executive Award Finalist 2018


Realigning the Core: Creating Security Consciousness throughout Your Organization  > Download Presentation
In 2011, Jason Lish took the helm of an organization that was understaffed, misaligned and weak in business partnerships and security tool / program effectiveness. Security was largely seen as a bolt-on necessity and implementation was ad-hoc and happenstance. Through his leadership, Jason re-built the organization from the ground up by hiring a leadership team that is second-to-none, building trust with both business and technology leadership teams, and re-focused the security mission to be at the very core of Charles Schwab values. Join our conversation to learn how Jason has created an atmosphere of security consciousness throughout the Firm, and made security a cultural cornerstone for every employee, all while addressing regulatory and customer demand for a mature security program.


Gary Hayslip
Director of Information Security (CISO)
SoftBank Group
ISE® West Executive of the Year Award Winner 2015
ISE® North America People's Choice Award Winner 2015


Cyber, an Evolving Ecosystem: How Cyber is Laying the Groundwork for Tomorrows Smart Cities  > Download Presentation
In today’s cities, a revolution in technology is underway. Municipalities across the globe are taking the ISO 37150/51 Frameworks to heart and are looking toward a future where they will have to provide services to populations three to five times larger than today. This rise of mega cities will require municipalities to work decades in advance on planning how to deploy technology-intelligent infrastructure that will provide critical services to their citizens. This future infrastructure will be connected to municipal networks that may not be prepared for the enormous amounts of data and risk exposure they will generate. Join our conversation to learn how the City of San Diego is laying the groundwork, from a cybersecurity perspective, on how to manage this risk and lay a foundation to build on for our citizens’ future as a smart city.

Pritesh Parekh

Pritesh Parekh
VP & Chief Security Officer
San Francisco, CA
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2016
ISE® North America Executive: Commercial Award Finalist 2016
ISE® West Executive Award Finalist 2017
ISE® North America Executive: Financial Award Winner 2017


Building Security Through Trust and Visibility Across the Enterprise  > Download Presentation
Zuora's Security team has built strong trust across their organization. All functions (engineering, technical operations, sales, legal, product, finance, HR and others) integrate with security as part of their routine process. The company’s cloud-based solution stores and processes millions of cardholder data, personal identifiable information (PII), financial information and processes millions of payment transactions. Zuora’s VP & Chief Security Officer, Pritesh Parekh, is responsible for protecting the most critical of Zuora’s assets and information, sensitive customer data and ensure its security, integrity and confidentiality. Pritesh has built a security program that includes people, process and technology across the entire organization. Join our conversation to learn how Pritesh has provided Zuora with a clear security vision, mission and strategy and developed strong partnership with other parts of the organization to get buy-in and create a well-rounded risk-based security program.

Michael Antico
Americas CISO
BNP Paribas

Is Endpoint Prevention Really Dead?  > Summary
The failure of anti-virus solutions and network appliances to effectively prevent attacks on networks gave rise to the era of endpoint detection and response. Bolstered by the popular phrase “prevention is dead,” new forms of security such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) have been birthed based on this motto. However, many attacks on the endpoint are completely avoidable with the right strategy and tools in place. Knowing that, why have some abandoned the notion of being able to successfully prevent attacks on the endpoint? Is the era of endpoint prevention and security really over?

Al Ghous

Al Ghous
Chief Information Security Officer
Envision Digital

No Longer Left to Their Own Devices: Hacking Concerns with the Internet of Things  > Summary
For many, the term “Internet of Things” has been little more than a buzzword tossed around over the last few years. However, as more devices gain the ability to connect, communicate with, and remotely manage an incalculable number of networked, automated devices via the Internet, the IoT is finally becoming a reality. Whether it’s a number of automated network devices on a factory floor, a remotely managed series of equipment in a hospital, or even just a collection of highly interconnected devices in a residential home, the elements that make up the IoT are becoming more pervasive by the day, and with them come critical security concerns. Join this conversation to discuss major security concerns with the IoT like ubiquitous data collection, consumer data privacy, and new avenues of attack.

Carolyn Taisey Lear

Carolyn Taisey Lear
Information Security, Compliance, and Risk Management Programs
The Climate Corporation

Protecting Data: Keeping the Keys to the Kingdom Out of the Hands of Hackers  > Summary
Breaches invariably involve data loss (for example: Anthem, JPMC, and Target), so finding the best practices to prevent them should be an essential part of your organization. Protection of data can be done at multiple network levels and can involve encryption, masking, or tokenization. The many options for data security offer a variety of security advantages, but they each have their own flaws to take into consideration. These include issues like malicious insiders abusing encryption keys, malware-based bypasses, and overall costs. Join our conversation to learn what kinds of secure data solutions are best for your business requirements; why and when to use each solution; and how you can combine solutions to minimize risk.

Kannan Perumal

Kannan Perumal
Applied Materials

Businesses Without Borders: International Information Exchange in a Cloud-Based World  > Summary
Cloud computing has allowed numerous organizations to share and collaborate with their peers with greater speed and flexibility than ever before. However, there are a number security concerns in this new world of businesses without borders. Areas such as data security, privacy, access rights management, and international security rules and regulations all serve as major hurdles that organizations across all verticals have to tackle in their own way. Maintaining trust among cloud-based enterprises and their partners is essential, but what else is needed to continually ensure that a cloud-based, information-sharing structure can succeed while remaining secure? Join our conversation to discuss security’s role in the new global marketplace and share strategies for securing sensitive information in a cloud-based world.