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ISE® West 2014

Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise Security Overview > Download Whitepaper
Creative Cloud for enterprise includes the entire collection of Creative Cloud applications plus services and business features for organizations with large deployments that require centralized provisioning and customized deployment of apps and services. Enterprises also receive Enterprise Support and Expert Services. Learn more about the specific capabilities provided to secure data and the user experience for Creative Cloud for enterprise deployments.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Security > Download Whitepaper
At Adobe, the security of your digital experiences is our priority. From our rigorous integration of security into our internal software development process and tools to our cross-functional incident response teams, we strive to be proactive, nimble, and accurate in all aspects of security. What’s more, our collaborative work with partners, researchers, and other industry organizations helps us understand the latest security best practices and trends and continually build security into the products and services we offer. This white paper describes the proactive approach and procedures implemented by Adobe to increase the security of your Adobe Marketing Cloud experience and your data.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition Security Overview > Download Whitepaper
Learn about the security features like Secure Content that help increase the security of your Adobe Digital Publishing Suite experience and your data included in applications built with Digital Publishing Suite.

Adobe Experience Manager Cloud-Hosted Security Overview > Download Whitepaper
Find out about the array of measures targeted at securing instances of Adobe Experience Manager in four key areas: physical, network, data, and access security.

Adobe Connect Hosted Deployment Security Overview > Download Whitepaper
Explore how the set of security features built into Adobe Connect enable secure meetings, eLearning, and webinars on this secure web conferencing platform.

EMAIL TRUST INDEX > Download Whitepaper
As phishing attacks get more sophisticated and harder to distinguish, consumers should know who’s putting them at risk – where malicious email links are lurking that lead to the installation of malware that can record keystrokes and steal consumer information, from online credentials to actual money. That’s why we publish the Agari TrustIndex™, to show consumers and business alike where consumers are most protected or vulnerable to email attack across industry sectors including Financial Services, E-Commerce, Social Media, Travel, Logistics and Gaming.

Achieving Security in Workplace File Sharing  > Download Whitepaper
Sponsored by Axway Corporation, The Ponemon Institute is pleased to present the findings of Achieving Security in Workplace File Sharing. The study focuses on the practice of public cloud file sharing in the workplace, threats to corporate information and features most desirable in achieving security in the sharing of files and documents. We surveyed 621 IT and IT security practitioners with involvement in setting IT security priorities, managing IT security budgets, selecting vendors and contractors and evaluating program performance. Sixty-two percent of respondents have a very high or high level of involvement in these activities.

State of Security Operations 2014  > Download Whitepaper
Organizations around the globe are investing heavily in information technology (IT) cyber defense capabilities to protect their critical assets. Whether protecting brand, intellectual capital, and customer information, or providing controls for critical infrastructure, the means for incident detection and response to protect organizational interests have common elements: people, processes, and technology. The maturity of these elements varies greatly across individual enterprises and industries. In this first-of-its-kind report, HP summarizes the capabilities, lessons learned, and performance levels of security operations based upon maturity assessments performed on worldwide organizations. With over a decade of experience supplying the technology at the core of the world’s most advanced security operations centers (SOCs), HP has worked with more of the world’s top SOCs than any other organization and is uniquely qualified to publish this report.

Industry Experts Speak Out on Advanced Evasion Techniques  > Download Whitepaper
Advanced evasion techniques, or AETs, are delivery mechanisms used to disguise advanced persistent threats (APTs) and permit them to slip through network security undetected. AETs work by splitting up malicious payloads into smaller pieces, disguising them, and delivering them simultaneously across multiple and rarely used protocols. Once inside, AETs reassemble to unleash malware and continue an APT attack.

Advanced Persistant Threats  > Download Whitepaper
These days having an identity and access management solution is a must. Businesses cannot operate without knowing who their employees are and granting appropriate access. However, this begs the question: are you sure the user credentials used to access your systems are being used by the correct individual?

Accenture and Symantec Information Protection Solution  > Download Whitepaper
Continually evolving security threats can change an organization’s security posture from healthy to critical in seconds. To enable meaningful insight into the status of technology assets, data and infrastructure, enterprises need an end-to-end information protection solution that provides visibility into the security stack—and detection and resolution mechanisms to help manage and maintain security across the enterprise.

The secret is to be prepared. But with so many threats from so many sources, how can you be confident you’ve done everything within reason you can to keep your business safe? Fortunately, help is at hand. Working with the NSA, SANS and the Council on CyberSecurity have identified and ranked the top 20 critical controls every business should have in place. The question is: Are you ready? Check out the questions your security programs must address and find the gaps before the cyber criminals do it for you. Then go deeper with our range of guides and resources to make sure your organization is protected.

David Corlette

David Corlette
Product Manager

When Tinfoil Hats Aren't Enough: Effective Defenses Against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) > Download Presentation
You probably know about the threat posed by APTs. You also may know that most experts will tell you that there are no cost-effective ways to completely prevent a determined attacker from getting into your systems. So what to do? Since returning to an agrarian society is likely not a viable option, this presentation will cover common APT techniques and ways to detect those techniques in action and rapidly react. We'll talk about how to leverage the Identity-powered enterprise to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of prevention, detection, and response.

Robert Rice

Robert Rice
Director, Security Services
St. Joseph Health
Anaheim, CA

Overhaul Your Investment Agenda to Maximize Returns  > Download Presentation
As the complexity of IT security grows exponentially, many security teams are grasping at straws to implement needed controls and solutions to protect their organizations; but it’s difficult to understand if these ventures are providing maximum value without a measureable understanding of effectiveness and appropriateness. To create a holistic picture of the organization’s security posture, Robert Rice and his team at St. Joseph Health crafted a repeatable framework that identified and prioritized key risks, determined remediation strategies in alignment with security initiatives and established empirical Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators. Learn how the Pillars of Security project has created a clear implementation model that allows visibility into the effectiveness of a security framework, and facilitates better understanding of business drivers within the enterprise.

Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan
Chief Security Officer

Injecting Social Into Security  > Download Presentation
Threats today are complex and numerous enough that an organization cannot afford to treat security as a black box or a single team that sits on their own and tries to figure everything out. This talk will explore how Facebook uses social interaction to increase the security of our service, as well as creative programs to get people across the company engaged in our security culture.

Bill Worthington

William Worthington
Director of Security Operations & Engineering
Caesars Entertainment

Perimeter Transformation – Creating the Gauntlet  > Download Presentation
When existing infrastructure limited network traffic visibility and the ability to block known vulnerabilities, William Worthington, Director of Security Operations and Engineering for Caesars Entertainment — the world’s largest casino gaming, hospitality and entertainment company — set out to completely redesign the organization’s perimeter. He and his team rapidly, successfully and simultaneously deployed a comprehensive set of solutions, including new next generation firewalls, load balancers leveraging SSL decryption, malware detection devices, forensics and logging devices, IDS/IPS’s, and new web proxies, all with high availability and redundancy. Learn how their new strategy and tools created a security gauntlet that has already proven to protect the Caesars brand fromthreats in today’s aggressive cyber landscape.

David Lenoe

David Lenoe
Director, Secure Software Engineering

Investment in People is the Key to a Security Organization Built for Change  > Download Presentation
According to Forrester Research, 51% of organizations say it’s a challenge or major challenge to hire and keep security staff with the right skills. This becomes especially challenging in a constantly changing organization managing acquisitions, changing business objectives, and rapid growth. While investing in security technology is important to stay ahead of threats, failure to invest properly in your people can introduce systemic and cultural risk that can be more challenging to manage than technical threats. This presentation will discuss the keys to not only getting the best people, but keeping them. Mr. Lenoe will share Adobe’s experiences in managing this very challenging problem along with what we have learned as we have built up our security organization to adapt to our cloud-focused future.

Josh Aberant

Josh Aberant


Secrets to Achieving End-to-End Email Security  > Read Summary
Securing your infrastructure is essential in protecting your customers, but malicious attacks can affect users without even entering your network. The Anti-Phishing Working Group reported 72,758 phishing attacks targeting more than 700 institutions worldwide during the first half of 2013 alone. As Verizon's Data Breach Report shows, 95% of all data breaches begin with a phishing email — evidence that comprehensive ecosystem visibility, email intelligence, and real-time alerting and reporting are imperative to thwarting these attacks. Join our conversation to take a deep dive into advanced email security methodology and learn best practices to achieving end-to-end email security in order to protect your customers and enable business.

Matthew Archibald

Matthew Archibald
Vice President, Information Security
Silver Spring Networks
ISE® West Award Executive Finalist 2010

Defending Against Advanced Threats in an Ever-evolving Threat Landscape  > Read Summary
The cyberspace environment is extremely dynamic and unfortunately, new vulnerabilities and threats emerge on a daily basis. Security leaders must develop and employ various offensive and defensive strategies to defend the enterprise and minimize risks at an acceptable cost. Join our discussion to learn how your peers are addressing advanced threats from internal, external and global sources, and share your own insights on protecting your enterprise in the evolving threat landscape.

Vincent Campitelli

Vincent Campitelli
VP of IT Risk Management
McKesson Corporation

Using Security Intelligence for a Competitive Advantage  > Read Summary
Harnessing the power of analytics is nothing new for today’s enterprise IT organizations. The same practices can be put to work for security — analyzing vast quantities of data to find the types of clues and irregularities that could signal an attack. This approach to security analytics is becoming a central aspect of enterprise security as organizations learn they must extend far beyond the traditional perimeter approach to gain complete visibility across the IT infrastructure in order to detect and disrupt attacks. Join the conversation to learn more about this shifting approach to security and why mining Big Data for clues to enable enterprise security action can give you a competitive advantage.

Ramses Martinez

Ramses Martinez
Director of Security

Cyber Security Legislation: What CISOs Should Know  > Read Summary
Never before has information security been such a globally visible and divisive issue. Cyber attacks by foreign nations, significant national security leaks, and our increasing reliance on technology to run both business and government have spawned Washington to create a cyber security framework to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure. But the proposed legislation is complex and cumbersome, but with a divided Congress there is no guarantee if or when a final version will ultimately be passed into law. Will new legislation have substantial impact on existing policies and procedures? How can CISOs prepare in advance? Join the conversation to discover what every CISO should know about cyber security legislation.