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The Essential DMARC Primer: Understanding DMARC for Securing Email Channels > Download Whitepaper
DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) describes a framework that enables Internet-scale domain-level email protection, preventing fraudulent usage of legitimate email domains. DMARC’s domain-level protection provides the first real means to proactively create defensible email channels between senders and end-users, allowing companies to address Brand Protection in the email channel. The DMARC model provides the DNS based policy publication, feedback, and enforcement mechanisms necessary to build secure email channels, upon which trust can be established.

“We estimated that our customers as a whole received maybe a million phished emails from cybercriminals abusing our brand,” explained Jim Routh, Managing Director and Global Head of Application, Internet and Mobile Security at JP Morgan Chase. Once JP Morgan Chase deployed DMARC with Agari, they learned the number was closer to a billion.

EMAIL TRUST INDEX > Download Whitepaper
As phishing attacks get more sophisticated and harder to distinguish, consumers should know who’s putting them at risk – where malicious email links are lurking that lead to the installation of malware that can record keystrokes and steal consumer information, from online credentials to actual money. That’s why we publish the Agari TrustIndex™, to show consumers and business alike where consumers are most protected or vulnerable to email attack across industry sectors including Financial Services, E-Commerce, Social Media, Travel, Logistics and Gaming.

Big Data, Meet Enterprise Security  > Download Whitepaper
Large organizations worldwide are working to develop and deploy Big Data analytical facilities alongside their established business intelligence infrastructure. These initiatives are motivated in nearly equal parts by the conviction that new business insights and opportunities are buried in the avalanche of new data, by the knowledge that conventional business intelligence systems are unequal to the task, and by the fear that competitors will be first to master and exploit the available new data streams.

Secure Commerce  > Download Whitepaper
If your business runs credit card transactions, PCI DSS compliance and its associated costs and complexities have to be top of mind. But are you exploring new ways to reduce your risk of a data breach while reducing your compliance costs? And, in the meantime, are your mobile e-commerce initiatives moving forward as quickly as you’d like?

Enterprise Cloud Security  > Download Whitepaper
Cloud computing is one of the largest, most dramatic forces changing the IT landscape today. Driven by key economic advantages, as well as factors that re-shape how fast enterprises can address global markets, and develop new services, there are substantial business benefits to the cloud. The savings can be substantial. According to IDC, the 5 year total cost savings from utilizing an online cloud-based service, such as Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) over enterprise data-center resources can by over 80%, or over $516,000 per application. Yet, for companies managing sensitive corporate and customer data, including credit cards, medical data, or corporate financial data, adopting new cloud capabilities is inhibited by the security challenges around the very nature of cloud architectures. For customers that need to protect sensitive data, moving to the cloud creates substantial new risks and changing landscapes for how to protect private information.

Unified Cyber Security Monitoring and Management Framework  > Download Whitepaper
There are numerous statistics published by security vendors, Government and private agencies, research analysts etc in terms of the number and type of cyber-attacks, money lost due to cyber-attacks, data exposure and litigations. Though most of these estimates and surveys deploy different methodologies and vary to quite a degree, there are a few facts which cannot be ignored.

100 Tips for Implementing Network Security  > Download Whitepaper
Insight from chief information security officers and those that support them.

Internet Security Threat Report  > Download Whitepaper
Symantec has established some of the most comprehensive sources of Internet threat data in the world through the Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, which is made up of approximately 69 million attack sensors and records thousands of events per second. This network monitors threat activity in over 157 countries and territories through a combination of Symantec products and services such as Symantec DeepSight™ Threat Management System, Symantec™ Managed Security Services and Norton™ consumer products, and other third-party data sources.

Outcome Based Security Monitoring in a Continuous Monitoring World  > Download Whitepaper
Technology has advanced sufficiently enough such that vulnerability management can be performed in near real-time at large scale. Because of this, outcome based security monitoring for large enterprises is now possible with “big data” types of analytics.

Julie Talbot-Hubbard

Julie Talbot-Hubbard
VP, Chief Security Officer
ISE® Central Executive Award Winner 2010

Defending our Nation-Why Two Heads are Better than One  > Download Presentation
With cyber threats growing at an exponential rate and an increased reliance on technology, the cybersecurity of our critical infrastructure remains a national priority. Though as our world becomes ever-more interconnected and with the complexity of today's threat environment, cybersecurity is beyond the reach of any single entity. Join this session to learn what trends Symantec is seeing within the threat landscape and how the only way to maintain a resilient cyber posture is through collaboration and cooperation through public and private partnerships.

Josh Aberant

Josh Aberant

Innovation as Key to Protect Your Brand and Enable Business
As one of the world’s fastest growing communications platforms, Twitter is an obvious target for malware and “phishing” schemes. Its 600 million users worldwide rely on the brand as a trusted source of timely information, but email was a core business tool that could not continue to be compromised. The Twitter Domain Authentication Service builds an additional layer of security upon established authentication protocols to give email providers a way to block email from forged domains popping up in inboxes. The result has been a 98% reduction in phishing emails combined with a 95% reduction in attacks overall. This presentation will reveal how the social media giant became an early adopter in the email authentication space, reaching outside the box to analyze the Twitter email environment, align with strategic partners, deploy innovative technology and ultimately protect its brand and enable business. Related Article: Twitter’s Postmaster on how email provides the pulse for social networks.

Jeffrey Pettingill
Enterprise IT Risk & Compliance

Improving Patient Care via e-Prescribe  > Download Presentation
Physicians write more than 4 billion prescriptions a year — 1.5-4% cause errors that compromise patient safety. Signing and transmitting prescriptions for controlled substances can dramatic improve patient care by expediting processes, lowering costs and ensuring accuracy, but the sensitive nature of this electronic communication requires an extremely secure and stable platform. Learn how PharMerica obtained the EPCS certification and implemented the electronic prescribing solutions to enhance their services and the health care environment for more than 95 pharmacies nationwide.

Donna Nemecek

Donna Nemecek
VP, Manager Technology Risk Assurance & Senior Information Risk Officer
BNY Mellon
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Finalist 2013

Implementing a Grass-roots Approach to Unstructured Data Governance  > Download Presentation
BNY Mellon has solved a problem that many organizations are currently facing: the inability to manage and certify user access on network shares where sensitive data resides. Although others have attempted to mitigate the problem, most strategies dramatically altered business operations, which the BNY Mellon team believed was unacceptable. Their creative approach empowered risk officers and allowed the business to continue to work as they always have with layered effective and scalable security on top. It improved operations by implementing a distributed self-service model for unstructured data governance, which resulted in the removal of 10,000 instances of excessive user access in the first three months alone. This presentation will uncover the key challenges and strategies behind this “grass roots approach” to unstructured data governance.

Glen Taylor

Glen Taylor
Chief Information Security Officer
The Walt Disney Company
ISE® Southeast People's Choice Award Winner 2011
ISE® Southeast Executive Award Finalist 2011

Head, Heart & Guts  > Download Presentation
Technology evolves so quickly; it is easy for executives to get caught up in buzzwords, trends, and the search for the newest tools and improved controls. Although important, cutting edge technology is not the secret to true security success. The strategic value of information security is achieved through effective risk analysis and the ability to make informed business decisions that optimize risk versus reward. This fact rings true regardless of company size or organizational structure. Learn from Glen Taylor why being a successful security leader requires a balance of head, heart, and gut leadership to make the right decisions.

Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson
Chief Information Security Officer
University of Massachusetts
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Finalist 2013

Embracing Cyber Security for Top-to-Bottom Results  > Download Presentation   SANS 20 Critical Security Controls    SANS 20 Critical Asset Mapping
In 2012, the University of Massachusetts embraced the opportunity to proactively implement a standardized, University-wide cyber security program based on the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls. Previous efforts had been segmented with inconsistent results, leaving the university and it’s almost 80,000 users vulnerable. Security teams spanning the organization’s multiple campuses united for this complex initiative, which resulted in a common language and understanding of how Cyber-security capabilities should be designed, standardized, implemented, maintained and assessed. This presentation will demonstrate how their proactive approach to cyber security has addressed significant business goals, reduced costs, streamlined operations and communication, and improved University-wide security posture, top to bottom.

Roland Cloutier

Roland Cloutier
Vice President, Chief Security Officer
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Winner 2012
ISE® Northeast People's Choice Award Winner 2012

Over the Horizon Thinking & Imperatives for Security Leaders: Preparing Today for Tomorrows Impact  > View Presentation
As security, risk and privacy experts continue to drive overall business and agency success, the roles we will play both inside and outside of our organization will have a profound impact on the success of our organizations. We all know that our profession, the threat landscape, and business challenges will be radically different in 5 years but how are we planning for that today?

Roland Cloutier, VP and CSO for ADP will speak on those critical forward thinking skillsets practitioners should consider, and provide insight into how over the horizon thinking will create better opportunities for you, your business, and the protection programs you manage.