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REAL-TIME SECURITY ANALYTICS Overview > Download Whitepaper
The network security market needs a breakthrough – a disruptive, revolutionary approach that changes the game against the bad guys. Our solution specifically addresses the widening security risk gap driven by virtualization, consumerization, cloud computing, social media and enterprise mobility. We call it Real-time Security Analytics.

The Evolution of the Threat Landscape and the Need for a Live Intelligence-based Approach to Security  > Download Whitepaper
While there is little debate that enterprise networks are in a constant state of growth and change, arguably the most significant transformations have occurred in just the past five to seven years. While just a few years ago the network was comprised of primarily corporate-owned devices connecting to corporate servers accessing corporate applications inside a well-defined and secured network perimeter, today it is hard to tell where a corporate network starts and where it ends. Today’s highly mobile and remote workforces demand worldwide round-the-clock connectivity to corporate email, applications, and data from a wide variety of corporate and increasingly personally owned devices. These devices also access myriad web, mobile, and social applications, most of which are hosted and delivered from servers in the cloud, outside the corporate network.

100 Tips for Implementing Network Security  > Download Whitepaper
Insight from chief information security officers and those that support them.

Tim Chiu

Tim Chiu
Director of Product Marketing
Blue Coat

Become a Business Assurance Leader by Embracing BYOD  > Download Presentation
The growing use of smartphones and tablets along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are requiring new approaches to network security and performance. Untrusted devices and guest WiFi post unique IT challenges and demand a massive expansion of bandwidth capabilities. Join Blue Coat and your peers to explore how other IT organizations are becoming business assurance leaders, enabling a secure and highly performing network. Related hot topics will include the strain of additional devices and the proliferation of rich web content in relation to bandwidth needs and costs, consolidation of enterprise IT, and rapid growth of cloud applications.

Scott Howitt

Scott Howitt
Director of IT Risk and Capacity Management
J.C. Penney
ISE® Central Executive Award Winner 2012

InfoSec, Is it time to transform?  > Download Presentation
The last few years have brought a major shift to the way that organizations leverage technology.  Cloud Computing, Social Media and a highly mobile workforce has brought new challenges to the InfoSec role along with new threat actors like Anonymous and Lulzsec.  Is it time to a fundamental shift in the way that we approach security and should we also be pressuring our key vendor partners to evolve as well?   Will the current industry standards be able to keep pace with the changing technology and how will you be able to convince you assessor that not checking the box may still mean you have adequate security?

Eric Fisch

Eric Fisch
Senior Vice President, Information Security
Texas Capital Bank

Aligning Security with the Business > Download Presentation
Eric Fisch will discuss the implementation of a new information security strategy at Texas Capital Bank, He will share how his revised strategy links to the Bank ’s strategic objectives, establishes the timing of Information Security involvement in key IT initiatives, and creates a program for synchronizing with IT and business leadership to proactively incorporate information security in product and solution development early in their lifecycle.

Larry Lidz

Larry Lidz
Director-Information Security, Risk Management & Compliance

CNA’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Program > Download Presentation
As part of the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) effort driven by the Information Security team, CNA has implemented an Enterprise Risk Register that consolidates corporate risks into a single repository where decision-makers can gain visibility into aggregated loss exposure based on pertinent characteristics.

Phil Woods

Phil Woods
Director, Technology & Security, CISO
Standard Register

Security Program Evolution > Download Presentation
Have you ever been in a situation where sales promised something that didn’t exist? Every IT organization has faced that challenge! In Standard Register’s case, they were asked to create an isolated FISMA-compliant Authorization Boundary conforming to NIST. Join the Standard Register team to learn how they leveraged their mature security program and collaborated with their customer and partners, to design, deliver and externally attest the solution in nine months enabling their customers to gain the required scale, flexibility and cost savings - securely.