ISE® West Project Award Nominees 2014

Perimeter Redesign
Executive Sponsor: William Worthington, Director of Security Operations & Engineering, Caesar’s Entertainment
Location: Las Vegas, NV

This project completely redesigned the in/out bound internet traffic for all Caesars Entertainment. The design leveraged new next generation firewalls, load balancers leveraging SSL decryption, malware detection devices, forensics and logging devices, IDS/IPS’s, and new web proxies all with high availability and redundancy. Additional the devices were configured in blocking mode and a “Deny All” rule was deployed on the Web Proxy to ensure only categorized sites were allowed.

Mac for the Enterprise
Executive Sponsor: Mikhael Felker, Director of Infrastructure & Compliance, ReachLocal
Team Members: Mikhael Felker, Dan Anthony, Austin Pittman, Andrew Lai, Chris Hoff and Matt Martinez.
Location: Woodland Hills, CA

The project goal was to increase the security and usability of company owned Macs; providing uniformity of security controls across all end-user workstation systems. Implementing Centrify enabled identity and access control, adherence to workstation policies (such as password complexity and screensaver lock), and enforcement of full-disk encryption (via key management for native OS X FileVault 2 encryption). Completing this project met a multitude of business needs including reducing the risk of lost and stolen Macs, progress towards meeting enterprise Single Sign On standards, and fulfilling contractual requirements for our customers in regulated verticals (i.e., healthcare and financial).

Pillars of Security Program
Executive Sponsor: Robert Rice, Director, Security Services, St. Joseph Health
Team Members: Robert Rice, Bobbie Tinkler, Chris Martin, Louis Tillis, Roberto Perez, Alek Boyarov, Dan King, Jayanth Panuganti, Michel Isenberg, Shawn Kelly, Victor Allen and Marshall Gibson.
Location: Anaheim, CA

The Pillars of Security program was initiated to establish a model to assess, track and monitor all security risks and initiatives empirically, and allow St Joseph Health (SJH) to be confident that we are focused on the right things at the right times, and can add and align new security risks and initiatives with the proper emphasis and investment. At its core the Pillars of Security is an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) model, but expands upon the basic ERM model by incorporating a holistic framework of approach, with a strict emphasis on empirically support statements. This allows SJH leadership to have very specific and targeted discussions regarding risk and impact with defensible data to support key decisions.