ISE® Success Stories

Roland Cloutier
ISE® Northeast Executive Award Winner 2012
ISE® Northeast People’s Choice Winner 2012
ISE® North America Executive: Commercial Award Winner 2012
ISE® North America Executive: Financial Award Winner 2014

Since my first Success Story with T.E.N. in 2014, there have been many changes in my organization and in my career. My organization has had a considerable amount of program enhancements and I am taking on new responsibilities in a company that ADP has acquired. Because of our internal success with the execution of security and risk compliance programs, several new initiatives have also been assigned to my team. The organization is continually refining our focus on sustainability options and growth, as well as the transformation of key areas in the company. From a personal perspective, I have been promoted to a higher position, which is a great honor and shows how highly the company holds my team in their regard.

I’m proud to lead a great team that continues to be recognized by T.E.N. Our hard work has also resulted in an award for one of the leaders in my organization, V.Jay LaRosa, Vice President of Global Security Architecture, with the ISE® 2016 North America People’s Choice Award.

The reason I continue to maintain a relationship with T.E.N. and their ISE® programs is because of the many opportunities and benefits they continue to offer. The practitioner-led conversations that permeate their events help enhance the knowledgebase of the teams; and in the process they help us make connections with other executive leaders and teams that benefit us and our companies. When organizations involve themselves in ISE® programs, it provides a platform to showcase the success of their employees; and when they take the time to do that for their employees and teams, the honored individuals are given a sense of respect and honor for their work. All of these aspects of the ISE® Programs truly strengthen the industry as a whole.

I believe the best part of T.E.N.’s ISE® programs is the specific focus on the work of the practitioner. It is not about what vendor you use or other marketing aspects—it is entirely about the teams that do the best work and the individuals who drive our industry forward. T.E.N. truly takes that purpose to heart, and it is evidenced in how hard the team works to prepare the events; the information provided in the events; and, especially, the people who attend and win awards. We submit nominations for the ISE® Awards frequently, and though there are times when we do not win, it is because the teams and professionals who come out ahead of us truly deserve it. Focusing on the security executives who work so hard to encourage growth in the industry is an excellent and rewarding aspect of T.E.N.’s ISE® Programs.

From a personal standpoint, the ISE® Programs provide me with a platform to coach, initiate, and help support emerging leaders within our industry. I have been involved with T.E.N. for many years, and I am always proud when my team and I are recognized. Participation in their other activities aside from the ISE® Awards—such as being a key player in the Executive Forum or a speaker at the ISE® Private Dinner—is very rewarding because I am able to help encourage growth, share experiences, and spread knowledge through the industry.

There is no downside to creating a relationship with T.E.N. and attending their ISE® Programs and events. It is an opportunity to showcase your and your team’s hard work, and to be involved with other serious practitioners and exchange information. These events are “no-strings-attached” programs. You can participate as little or as much as you want, and at the end of the day you control what you take away from it. The right people and the right organizations are involved, and it makes the process very worthwhile.

I will retire someday, but there’s much work still to be done in this industry. T.E.N.’s ISE® experiences provide me with the opportunity to be a thought leader and promote our future generation in information security before that day comes—for me, and for all other security executives in the same position.