ISE® Success Stories

Jerry Greiner
Regional Account Executive, Tripwire

Tripwire has sponsored the ISE® West Executive Forum and Awards in San Francisco twice so far, and I represented Tripwire for both. Our most recent experience this year, in 2017, was overwhelmingly positive from start to finish. We were able to connect with precisely the right executives and professionals at the event, whether it was just by introducing ourselves or the T.E.N. Sales Team stepping up and making the introductions for us with new targets. During both the ISE® VIP Reception and the Sponsor Pavilion, I was able to initiate a lot of valuable conversations with the guests in attendance, and I truly appreciate T.E.N. for that opportunity.

The information security executives who attend the ISE® Programs have top-tier positions in their organizations’ security structure; solutions providers like us always aspire to meet these executives, but it can be difficult to make that first connection. The face-to-face conversations we were able to have with them could vary anywhere from a quick once-over of our solutions or an in-depth discussion of their security structure—but they are all valuable places to start with such high caliber targets.

One of the ISE® Programs’ distinguishing elements is in the ISE® VIP Receptions. These follow the Executive Forums but prelude the Sponsor Pavilion, and allow only select solutions providers to enter the room and speak with the executives as they begin to unwind from the day’s events. That is an incredibly exclusive opportunity that sets these programs apart from other conferences held around the country. Furthermore, the T.E.N. Sales Team works hard on a very personal level to help us meet the professionals on our target list, which is a helpful aid you cannot find at large-scale events (or many events at all). It prevents us from wasting our time at the event wandering around and instead makes the entire process efficient, productive, and enjoyable.

During the most recent ISE® West program, two moments stood out as the most significant parts of my day representing Tripwire. First, I was able to introduce myself to a VP-level professional at one of our largest customers who I would never have access to on a daily basis. He’s not someone a provider would ever achieve facetime with, and yet at T.E.N.’s ISE® Program, I was able to shake his hand and establish an overwhelmingly valuable connection. Second, I also met a CISO from a target company who is otherwise difficult to get in touch with through a cold call or email because of his busy position. Because we met at the ISE® Program, when I called him several days later, he recognized my number and picked up the phone to speak with me. The cold outreach was eliminated and we were on familiar terms thanks to Tripwire’s presence at ISE® West.

Furthermore, even from a purely sales perspective, Tripwire’s ISE® Program sponsorship was productive. At ISE® West in 2017, I met all of the targets I had in mind for the event and, from that pool, was able to set up two follow-up meetings to further discuss establishing a customer relationship. I have initiated conversations with the rest, and I know that when the time comes to speak with them further, I will be able to reach them thanks to our introductions at T.E.N.’s event.

I have mentioned it previously, but I really appreciate the T.E.N. Sales Team—they make sure your ISE® Program sponsorship is positive and productive every step of the way, from preparing for the event, to setting up at the event, to meeting targets and customers, and even with follow-ups and information after it is over. T.E.N. makes it extremely easy to have a successful experience at their events with few bumps along the way.

Sponsoring any of T.E.N.’s ISE® Programs and events is, to me, an incredibly worthy investment. There are connections we made that we cannot find anywhere else, and the dialogue we’ve begun will carry through the events and beyond into new relationships, continued conversations, and more efficient outreach. Traditional sales techniques simply will not give you the same level of success at such a developed and efficient pace. If you’re considering sponsoring, I encourage you to follow through. It will be well worth your time and investment to meet your top-of-the-list targets and begin conversations that will open your team up to unprecedented sales and customer opportunities.