ISE® Success Stories

Kevin Swailes
ISE® Central Executive Award Finalist 2011
ISE® Central Project Award Finalist 2011

I first learned about T.E.N. and the ISE® Awards from the CISO at GE, since he was actively involved with ISE® programs. We both believed it would be beneficial for my team to participate in the ISE® Awards since my team had been singularly focused on the protection of our intellectual property, a new discipline in GE’s 120+ year history.  Given the value associated with the T.E.N. and ISE® brand within the Information Security community, we knew it was the perfect platform for us to talk about our unique program and share information with our peers.

It was really an honor to be nominated, let alone become a finalist in both the project and executive categories. To be considered for such a prestigious award was a huge motivator for our team. We had been so busy focusing on our goals we hadn’t stopped to celebrate the success. As it turned out, this was a perfect opportunity for our team to pause and reflect on the value that we were bringing to the company. 

The best part of the ISE® Award was the actual ceremony.  There was more to the ISE® Awards than just an email recognition or certificate in the mail. The actual ceremony - the recognition in front of your peers – was a great benefit.   When we saw the team being highlighted in the video and on stage, I felt a tremendous sense of pride in what everyone had achieved individually and collectively.  After the event, we received a very nice congratulatory note from GE’s Vice Chairman, which was validation that what the team had accomplished was making a difference not only for GE, but for other companies that wanted to protect their Intellectual Property.

Marci McCarthy and the T.E.N. team showed tremendous professionalism and the event was executed flawlessly. They created an environment that was comfortable, and conducive to open dialogue and information sharing.  I recommend that if you have a project or a team member that deserves some recognition, submit the nomination for this award. The benefits you will receive go far beyond the recognition.  You will meet other leaders, establish relationships, and share ideas – and in today’s fast-paced and evolving environment, these things are invaluable.