ISE® Success Stories

Kelly Mock
Territory Account Manager, Infoblox

I have been involved with the ISE® Events for a while now, first beginning with the larger ISE® Programs and Awards Galas where I met Marci and the rest of the T.E.N. Team. Through attending these larger programs, we learned more about the smaller, more intimate events that T.E.N. offers as well, such as the ISE® Private Dinners, ISE® VIP Receptions, and more. These other programs were very appealing as a way to connect directly with customers, so I decided that my company should try sponsoring them. We received the funding to test the waters with an ISE® Signature Luncheon, and from there our relationship with T.E.N. really took off.

That first ISE® Signature Luncheon we hosted was a great success and very well attended. We were able to personalize the luncheon and tailor it to our goals and solutions so the executives were engaged while they also learned more about us. Additionally, we truly enjoy the ISE® Private Dinners, several of which we have sponsored in the past. They provide a lot of face-to-face interaction with an impressively high-caliber group of security professionals, and open up many doors to conversations and new connections. The T.E.N. team works hard to provide sponsors of these smaller events with topics, speaking points, and guides to help our hosts and representatives keep the group engaged and interactive during the events so we can keep that dialogue going and garner their interest.

I have to give it to the T.E.N. Sales Team—they are incredibly thorough and well organized when working with us to book sponsorships and set up events. They provide us with a clear description of the guests who will be attending any of the programs we sponsor, helping us prepare in advance for conversations, not just pitches, that will benefit both us and the attending professionals. The team really ensures they gain as many attendees as possible, and they open the doors for successful follow-ups even after the events are over. T.E.N. has made this continued sponsorship relationship very enjoyable and profitable.

People buy solutions from people, not from a cold email or a phone call. The ISE® Programs and events that T.E.N. hosts are focused on networking and conversations between executives and solutions providers alike, far more than a simple show floor could offer. The connections we make at T.E.N.’s events carry over to other programs and meetings that allow our relationships to remain consistent—they know our faces, our names, and our solutions without needing to be refreshed. Those connections grow over time as we return to sponsor more ISE® Programs and events, and they are the key to establishing a customer bond that carries on toward successful business relationships.

This is the second company I have sponsored ISE® Programs and events with, and we are continuing to find new opportunities to sponsor even more of them in the future. T.E.N. has really helped us uncover new connections and relationships that are leading