ISE® Success Stories

Mitch Bishop
CMO, CloudPassage

We worked with T.E.N. and the ISE® Team on few programs in the past and were impressed with the results. In talking with the T.E.N. team, CloudPassage also learned about the ISE® Lions’ Den and Jungle Lounge. We immediately decided to give it shot and enter ourselves as a Gazelle. The opportunity to present not just in front of the 10 Lions, but also to a room full of other senior security executives was just too good to pass up.

The whole event was professionally organized and well executed. The event ran on time and delivered what was promised. The format of the ISE® Lions’ Den presentations forces the presenters to get super crisp on messaging. You have just 5 minutes to deliver a compelling elevator pitch: what problems do you solve and how to solve them? Indeed, the messaging exercise was extremely useful afterwards for other events and our website.

Our presentation was well received and most of the audience mingled with the vendors afterwards during the cocktail hour. There’s no other place where you can pitch to not just the 10 Lions’ but also to a room full of 40 or 50 other execs. The T.E.N. and ISE® staff were friendly, accommodating and professional. It’s truly a unique event and the T.E.N. team pulls everything together flawlessly.

We were delighted to win, of course. It validated our world view on the business problems we're solving and how important those are to senior security executives. We leveraged the win in our outbound PR efforts and it was a shot in the arm for internal morale as well. We’ve also continued to nurture the relationships built at the event.

I would strongly recommend the ISE® Lions’ Den event to security startups. It's a fantastic way to get in front of room full of senior security executives that would otherwise be nearly impossible to meet on your own. To anyone who might be on the fence about signing up, don’t hesitate, do it. You'd be nuts not to leverage the opportunity.