ISE® Success Stories

Kristen Alexander
Vice President of Marketing, Agari

As a growing start-up, we were looking to increase the visibility of Agari within the information security community and get the word out about our solutions and capabilities. We found that T.E.N. and ISE® Programs were a perfect fit for our marketing strategy. 

I think one of the most innovative things that T.E.N. is doing is allowing the chief information security officers and other members of the information security community to share their work with their peers. The ability to learn from each other and opportunity to share our clients’ success stories with their peers really drove us to partner with T.E.N. Executives always want to hear from their peers and have a willingness to participate more, so it made perfect sense for us!

Our partnership with T.E.N. provided an outlet for our clients’ work to be recognized and also enabled us to network and share our knowledge and offerings high-profile chief information security officers. At these programs, we connected with security teams from multiple industries across the country and as a result, these teams now have the opportunity protect their consumers with best of breed solutions from Agari.  

We focused our attention on the regional events where we knew there was a strong client and prospect base for the industries in which we serve. These events attract a real consortium of senior-level executives within security and foster a spirit of collaboration not only with peers, but also with the security solution providers that are there. These events are beneficial for anyone who participates because you end up becoming part of this community instead of just attending an event. It really is extraordinary.

As a security solution provider whose goal is to gain market awareness and market share, it is important that you have partners that are helping you grow your business. I view T.E.N. as a partner that is helping us grow and sharing our thought leadership with key members of the industry. The T.E.N. events give us a chance to connect with our current clients in a relaxed setting, where they are also learning about other security solutions or imparting their knowledge to the group. It certainly is a great forum for connecting with your existing customers and networking with potential clients. After sponsoring multiple programs, executives have told us they actually look forward to seeing us there. They expect to see us.

As marketers, we are all super busy all of the time. We were looking for partners and programs where the heavy lifting – like event logistics, driving demand, event management – is shared. You can count on Marci McCarthy and the T.E.N. team to host a successful event. They not only share in the heavy lifting, but also ensure sure you meet with the people you are trying to reach.  All needs are being met for all sides of the equations. T.E.N. has an excellent blueprint for events and programs. They truly become an extension of your marketing team and have set the model for that!