ISE® Financial Services Summit Sponsor Information

On behalf of T.E.N., thank you for being a sponsor of the ISE® Financial Services Summit 2021. We look forward to working with you on this exciting event and want to help you take full advantage of your sponsorship. Feel free to contact T.E.N. if you have any questions.

ISE Summit

Your ISE® Programs Primary Contact:   Samantha Caplan

Senior Director of Corporate Communications & ISE® Nominations:   Kimberly Martin

Key Dates and Deliverables

White Paper(s) for website due April 9, 2021
Verify your passport-for-prizes offering April 9, 2021
Complete your Business Intelligence Survey April 9, 2021
Submit Demo Video April 9, 2021
Select Roundtable Topic & Showcase Presentation Topic April 16, 2021
Select Speaker for Showcase Presentation April 16, 2021
Submit sponsor booth items April 28, 2021
Submit Zoom information April 28, 2021
Submit Showcase Presentation May 5, 2021
Register names of person’s/representatives using your tickets May 5, 2021
ISE® Financial Services Summit May 12, 2021

Sponsored Roundtable Information

If purchased as an optional upgrade, your Vertical Summit sponsorship includes a sponsored roundtable during the Summit. This will take place between 1:35-1:55pm CT. If you did not purchase a Sponsored Roundtable add-on and are interested in doing so, please speak to your T.E.N. Sales Representative.

Roundtable Topic: Please select a topic from the “Roundtable Topics Menu” provided by T.E.N. Our communications team will build out all of the content from there. If you have an additional topic you would like to consider, please send us that information and we will work to put together the title and abstract for your review.

Sponsor Showcase Presentation

  • Sessions will be held periodically throughout the Summit. The timeframe of the presentation may not exceed 15 minutes and will be strictly enforced in the review process with the Program Manager, who will preview the showcase video file ahead of the event and return it with any edits to content or time.
  • Presentations will be pre-recorded. Sponsor may record this on their own and send the completed file to T.E.N. by the listed due date, or Sponsor may schedule a time to record the session via Zoom with a T.E.N. Team Member.
  • An ISE® Program PowerPoint Template will be provided to the Sponsor for branding consistency and standards.
  • Presentation content must be industry focused and educational in nature designed for high level Information Security Executives® and cannot be a product demonstration or a sales pitch.

Thought Leader CISO Panelist And/Or Industry Presentation Speaker

  • This representative must be a company spokesperson and thought leader.
  • This person cannot be in the following roles: sales, pre-sales/engineering (SE), marketing, or product marketing/management.
  • Time slots are selected on a first-signed, first-choice basis following the deadline for sponsorship sign-on. T.E.N. will provide a list of available time slots for your selection.

To ensure program standards and protocols, T.E.N reserves the right to approve all speakers, presentations and content that will take place during the ISE® Vertical Summit.

Your Digital Lounge Sponsor Booth

During the Digital ISE® Vertical Summit, T.E.N. will host an unobstructed, concurrently-running ISE® Digital Lounge where executives can visit virtual booths for sponsors, read banners of information, visit links, enter a Zoom session hosted by the sponsor for deeper conversations and more. The ISE® Digital Lounge runs from 12:00pm to 4:00pm CT via GoExhibit, a digital event space with realistic sponsor booths customized for each individual sponsor. GoExhibit’s capabilities allows the T.E.N. team to keep track of which executives visit your booth to help your team understand who you encountered during the event.

As part of your sponsorship you will be able to provide the imagery, text, and links to customize your ISE® Digital Booth. Your booth has three banners, one welcome podium, two text panels, and two link panels for customizing. GoExhibit will work with T.E.N. to tailor your booth to these provided materials to provide the best experience for your team and visiting executives.

Please provide the following information no later than Wednesday, April 28th by 5pm ET.

Digital Booth Deliverables

Please contact Samantha Caplan for banner image specs and an example image of an ISE® Digital Lounge Booth to help your team visualize what your booth requires.

URL Recommendations

We recommend three options for your two URLs:
- Zoom Session: Sponsor-hosted Zoom session where you may invite executives to join your team and chat. Video chat is welcome, as is using your session’s Chat window to send private chats to specific executives in your session. This is a benefit included in your sponsorship, and as such it is strongly recommended you utilize this option for one of your links. Please see the next page about details for this session.
- Website Homepage: A link to your company’s website so visiting executives can click through to your website.
- A Downloads Page: A sponsor-hosted downloads page where executives can view digital brochures, white papers, research, and other materials to help an executive learn more about your company and share the information with their team.

Sponsor-Hosted Zoom Session

Your sponsorship includes the option to host a Zoom session as one of your URLs for your booth. This is a Zoom session launched and hosted by your team, wherein your team can further engage with executives at the event who seek more in depth discussion with your team.

This Zoom session would be open for the duration of the ISE® Digital Lounge from 12:00 to 4:00pm local time. However, should you choose to continue conversations with executives currently in your session at the conclusion of the ISE® Digital Lounge, your session may stay open after the event for as long as you like—however, access for new attendees via the ISE® Digital Lounge Booth would be closed.

T.E.N. can provide a Zoom session in your stead if necessary, but with limitations—a T.E.N. Zoom session will only be open from the 12:00 to 4:00pm local time window. At the conclusion of the ISE® Digital Lounge, this session would be emptied and closed. Further conversations with any remaining executives in the session would not be possible. Only team members delegated in your deliverables as representatives in the ISE® Digital Lounge will be permitted to engage with executives in these Zoom sessions.

Sponsor-Hosted Zoom Session Deliverables

Should you choose to provide a Zoom Session for one of your ISE® Digital Lounge Booth URLs, please provide the following information by Wednesday, April 28th by 5pm ET.
- Zoom Session URL
- Zoom Session Password

Zoom Sessions during the event should disable the waiting room feature.

Verify Your Passport for Prizes

The Passport-for-Prize item (valued at $100 or more) is raffled off on behalf of your company at the end of the event and winners will be announced the following day via T.E.N.’s social media platforms. In your post event items, you will also receive the contact information of the executive who won your passport.Please let us know what item you will be offering by April 9th


Submit up to THREE White Papers for Posting: A benefit of your sponsorship is inclusion of one White Paper in the ISE® Knowledgebase web portal; it is also provided to executives in the post-program communications. These whitepapers are due by April 9th.

Business Intelligence

We are thrilled to have you on board as a sponsor! In order for us to fulfill the business intelligence aspect of your sponsorship contract, we would appreciate your response to the survey link below. I realize some of you may have done this previously for other ISE® programs—we have slightly altered the survey in an effort to better match sales leads so it is important that you do it one more time! This will enable us to provide you with the most relevant intelligence in order to make your investment worthwhile. Please have this survey completed by April 9th. Please click here to take the survey