T.E.N.’s Statement on Novel Coronavirus

Updated Statement as of August 3, 2021

We continue to carefully monitor the reopening procedures and situation surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). While observing CDC recommendations, state-by-state guidelines, and vaccination rates, T.E.N.’s events are updated as follows:

  • T.E.N.’s ISE® National Summit, a digital variation of the ISE® Programs, will be held on August 17, 2021 through a combination platform of GoExhibit and Zoom.
  • T.E.N.’s ISE® Private Dinners are returning as in-person networking events in select cities where states are fully reopened for normal business operations. Check out the Upcoming Events page for more information and review the liability statement for attendees.
  • T.E.N.’s ISE® Fireside Webinars, T.E.N. Tech Talks and ISE® Cocktails & Conversations will continue in conjunction with our ISE® Private Dinner programming.
  • The ISE® Programs series will relaunch in 2022 in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Florida.
  • The ISE® Awards will relaunch in 2022.

If you have any questions about our 2021 digital events and plans to return to select in-person programming, contact us at info@ten-inc.com.

If you are a solution provider interested in sponsoring any of our programs, contact us at sales@ten-inc.com.

We encourage everyone to review the CDC guidelines for virus prevention and health as you go about your daily. We are truly looking forward to seeing you in both the digital sphere, and hope to reconnect with you in person very soon!

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
The T.E.N. Team