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Original broadcast: October 21, 2021
Duration: 45 minutes

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Marci McCarthy

Marci McCarthy
CEO and President of T.E.N.
CEO and Chairman of ISE® Talent


Xavier Ashe
SVP, Cybersecurity Operations

Ayelet Biger-Levin
VP Market Strategy

Phyllis Woodruff

Phyllis Woodruff
Vice President, IT Risk and Compliance
Global Payments

Even for online transactions, customer emotions matter and can be indicative of important contextual factors on both sides of any transaction. For instance, mouse-doodling, pauses, typing speed, hesitations, phone-motion and more could indicate stress, inquisitiveness, distraction, aggravation and even propensity for risk. There’s a treasure trove of data in user online behavior which can be analyzed to make one’s digital journey safer and easier. While many financial institutions are now leveraging new technology to help determine fraudulent intent and coercive account activity in real-time, often these same indicators can be used to transparently verify identity and genuine intent. Join our conversation as we discuss how financial institutions can harness behavioral insights to reduce risk, lessen friction, exceed customer expectations, build trust and foster ongoing customer relationships.

Attendees of the ISE® Fireside Webinars are eligible to receive 1 CPE upon its conclusion.

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