ISE® Northeast Executive Forum and Awards 2018

Information Security Executive of the Year Awards

The ISE® Northeast Executive Forum and Awards 2018 will be held on October 3, 2018 at the Westin Times Square in New York City, NY. The ISE® Northeast Award recognizes the information security executives and their teams who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in risk management, data asset protection, regulatory compliance, privacy, and network security.

The ISE® Northeast Awards are held in conjunction with a one day Executive Forum which includes keynote speakers, interactive roundtables moderated by the CISOs and VPs of participating companies, and hot topic panel discussions. The one day program offers the opportunity to meet with peers and leading IT executives from across the region to discuss and share insights into today's issues and solutions.

ISE® Northeast Executive of the Year Award Winners 2017


Rohan Amin
Global CISO
JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Brian DiPietro
Managing Director, CISO
MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

ISE® Northeast Project Award Winner 2017

Cyber Value at Risk
Executive Sponsor: Myrna Soto, Corporate SVP Chief Technology Risk Officer & Global CISO, Comcast
Project Team: Chuck Hudson, Executive Director

Comcast’s Cyber Value at Risk program, executed using Bay Dynamics’ Risk Fabric platform, enables the company to continuously protect its most valued assets (data, systems and applications) by quantifying the impact of cyber risk based on actual threat and vulnerability data in the environment, and then prioritizing mitigation actions based on those activities that directly address the established risks. The platform automatically delivers relevant threat and vulnerability information to an array of stakeholders responsible for the involved mitigation and continuously measures how much risk is being reduced due to the actions taken. Importantly, Risk Fabric better enables the security team to direct their fixed resources at the most important, and potentially costly, exposures.

ISE® Northeast People's Choice Award Winner 2017


Rohan Amin
Global CISO
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

ISE® Northeast Executive Award Finalists 2017


Moriah Hara
Global CISO
The Interpublic Group

Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen
Vice President, Technical Security Services

ISE® Northeast Project Award Finalists 2017

Project Gateway
Executive Sponsor: Mike Towers, VP, CISO, Allergan
Project Team: Vadim Parizher – Exec Dir, Enterprise Architecture – Leadership/Design, Bill Thornton – VP, R&D/HR IT – HR, Sandy Dalal – Director, I&AM Services – I&AM, Elma Benevenga – Program Mgt, Dan Coan – Infrastructure, Gigi Lai – Data Management

After 30+ acquisitions and divestitures in a 3 year period, the team at Allergan sought to completely rebuild, from the ground up, their entire identity & access management platform. This also included updating associated business processes for new hires onboard, contingent worker onboarding, baseline entitlements, provisioning/deprovisioning and access request/approval. Rather than pick an existing, incumbent solution and migrate over, the Allergan team decided to basically throw everything away and start over.

Domain Security Platform
Executive Sponsor: Douglas Falduto, VP, Admin & Chief Security Officer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Project Team: Damon Becknel (Chief Information Sec Officer), Alan Leung (Dir, Enterprise Security Arch), Rongzhong Zheng (Dir, IT Security Operations), Ronak Zaveri (Manager, IT Relationship Mgmt), Niraj Patel (Manager, Security Architecture), Dhiraj Chotrani (Cyber Security Analyst), Meghna Thakrar (Business Systems Analyst), Abdullah Oudeh (Infrastructure Analyst), Brian Lentini (Infrastructure Analyst), Ghias Minto (IT Security Analyst)

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) continuously seeks to advance its cyber security posture, and recently implemented the “Domain Security Platform” which automatically identifies, monitors and blocks potentially malicious, newly registered external domains and websites likely to pose an elevated risk to Horizon BCBSNJ. Project objectives were to reduce Horizon BCBSNJ’s visible attack surface to “unclassified” domains, and thus reduce the risk of malware infection, credential exploitation and data exfiltration to and from those sources.

The Vulnerability Scoring Model (VxSx) Project
Executive Sponsor: Rohan Amin, Global CISO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Project Team: Dave Robinson – Managing Director, Martin Dawson – Executive Director, Venkat Seshadri – Executive Director, Graham Hill – Vice President, Andy Graham – Vice President

Today organizations are faced with the constant threat of exploit through vulnerabilities in underlying technologies. As hardware and software vulnerabilities are discovered, firms have traditionally prioritized remediation efforts based solely on the criticality rating of the vulnerability. In a complex enterprise environment such as JPMorgan Chase, this approach falls short as it fails to consider business context of the targeted assets. The Vulnerability Scoring Model combines the criticality of the vulnerability (Vx) within the context of business impact at JPMorgan Chase (Sx) to quantify risk and set an informed, targeted remediation path.